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Nome hit-and-run could give rise to wrongful death claim

Pedestrians are almost always at risk of being involved in a tragic mishap when they walk near a road, and when they are out at night under reduced visibility, it can be even more dangerous. Drivers do not always pay attention to their surroundings, and those traversing the side of the road may be especially vulnerable. Unfortunately, an accident recently resulted in a pedestrian's death in Nome. The mishap could open the door to a civil wrongful death claim under Alaska law.

The episode took place early in the morning of April 12 at around 1:15 a.m. A Ford Explorer struck a 54-year-old man while he was walking with other family members. The driver then got out of his SUV and fled the scene.

Wrongful death of motorcyclist occurs in Alaska

Motorcycles can be a fun fuel-efficient alternative to a regular car if the person is comfortable and can safely operate a motorcycle. However, the lack of protection that the motorcycle provides can sometimes be disheartening even if the rider is experienced and safe. If another driver causes an accident and the motorcyclist is involved, the rider can be seriously injured or even killed. Unfortunately, one car accident recently caused the wrongful death of a man in Alaska.

The accident took place between a motorcycle and car on the night of April 5 at around 10 p.m. The collision occurred after the motorcycle and Jeep Wrangler crashed head-on. Emergency personnel arrived on the scene of the accident soon after the incident took place and pronounced the rider of the motorcycle deceased.

Student`s death in car accident may lead to wrongful death claim

Receiving news of the death of one's daughter while she was a passenger in someone else's car would naturally be a huge shock. In addition, the parents may have many questions relating to the circumstances of the accident, especially when the police have cleared the driver of the other vehicle from all wrongdoing. Although nothing can replace the deceased loved one, Alaska parents may consider filing a charge of wrongful death against the driver of the car in which their daughter was traveling as a passenger.

According to the media report, two females were passengers in a small southbound SUV on March 26. The 18-year-old driver allegedly failed to yield when she made a left turn off Yandukin Road in Juneau. Police reported that an approaching semi-trailer could not avoid a collision, and the SUV was T-boned. Police determined that there was no wrongful conduct on the side of the semi-trailer driver. The media report did not mention any injuries sustained by the driver of the semi-trailer.

Wrongful death of victim caused by semi-car crash in Alaska

Tractor-trailers are often used throughout the United States to transport various types of cargo from one place to another. However, when these massive automobiles are used in the wintry conditions of Alaska, dangerous situations can occur if the driver does not take extra caution to drive safely. These situations can create horrifying accidents that can injure or even kill any individual that is involved. Unfortunately, one accident in Alaska caused the apparent wrongful death of one person recently.

The accident took place on March 18 at around 7:15 p.m. and involved a semi-truck and another motor vehicle. The two vehicles collided while the car was driving south and the semi was traveling north. The semi was found by first responders facing north on the west side of the road.

Wrongful death of victim caused by accident in Alaska

Some occupations put their employees at risk more often than others, especially if human error can be a factor. Accidents can quickly occur before anyone has time to realize what is happening, and they can injure or kill anyone involved. The various ships that travel along the coasts of the United States can be dangerous for their crew members if simple mistakes are made. Unfortunately, a fatal accident off the coast of Alaska recently caused the wrongful death of one of the crew members of a ship.

The accident took place on the night of March 11 at around 9 p.m. when an explosion occurred on the ship. The crew of the vessel was making repairs on the ship when it is believed that some type of fuel was leaking and was ignited by welding that was occurring nearby. This caused an explosion that blew a door off of its hinges and struck the victim.

Car accident in Alaska injures 3, 1 seriously

Negligence can often be a problem for those who are driving on a highway in Alaska. This can create dangerous situations for the driver, as well as those that are near them on the roadway. These situations can quickly turn into accidents that can injure those involved. Unfortunately, one car accident in Alaska recently left one of the victims with serious injuries.

The accident took place on the evening of March 3 at around 4:30 p.m. and involved two vehicles. The accident occurred on Sterling Highway when the two vehicles collided. Emergency personnel arrived at the scene soon after it took place and transported the three injured victims to the hospital shortly thereafter.

Aviation accident number in Alaska may drop due to new regulation

Many towns in Alaska are not connected by roads like most of the United States, and this means that airplanes are very prevalent in Alaska. They are often a more popular mode of transportation than cars for traveling from one town to another. This, combined with the treacherous weather that can fall upon Alaska in an instant, means that the average number of aviation accidents is higher than that of other states. One magazine in Alaska recently asked readers if more regulations would drop the aviation accident number.

The writer of the article stated that many in Alaska think that more regulations would drop the number of accidents each year. He mentions several accidents where the pilot either ran out of gas, flew into a storm and crashed without filing an official flight plane or struck a mountain at night in good weather conditions. In all three of the examples, there were no survivors.

Alaska car accident leaves 1 with injuries

Every time a passenger gets into a vehicle with a driver, he or she is not only putting his or her life in the driver's hands but also in the hands of other drivers as well. The lack of control that a passenger has when riding in a vehicle means that he or she is vulnerable to every mistake that a nearby driver makes and has no way of counteracting that mistake. Unfortunately, a car accident in Alaska recently left the passenger in one of the vehicles injured.

The accident took place on Feb. 22 shortly before 1:30 p.m. and involved two vehicles. The accident occurred after a driver lost control of his vehicle, crossed over the center line into oncoming traffic and hit another driver head on. This resulted in the passenger of the second vehicle being airlifted to the hospital.

Woman charged with DUI after car accident in Alaska

The legal drinking age was put into place by each state to help keep the roads that wind their way through the United States safe. The few years after a new driver acquires his or her license can be the most dangerous, as young drivers are not as familiar with driving as their older counterparts. The enforced drinking age helps to take the temptation of drinking and driving from minors, but when this law is not followed, it can have tragic consequences. Unfortunately, one car accident in Alaska may have been the result of an under-age drinker getting behind the wheel.

The accident took place on Feb. 16 when the suspected drunk driver collided head on with another vehicle after already having hit three other vehicles. The driver supposedly passed an Alaska state trooper who had to swerve to avoid her before hitting the other vehicle head on. After the accident took place, the driver of the other vehicle, a 71-year-old woman, was taken to the hospital for her injuries.

Alaska legislation may not help pedestrian accident victims

Pedestrians are often the ones who are most impacted if they are involved in a pedestrian accident with a motor vehicle of any type. They can be left with serious injuries or even dead if the collision is drastic enough. Negligence on the part of the driver is never an excusable reason for the injury of another human. Unfortunately, some legislation in Alaska could be working against pedestrians who are injured in a pedestrian accident.

The first problem for those seeking justice for a pedestrian who is injured or killed is that killing a pedestrian is not considered a criminal case, but a civil liability case. In one case where a pedestrian had been killed, the argument was made that running a red light was a civil problem, independent of the fact that a person was killed. The case was eventually dropped for the mere fact that Alaska does not have a statute that states what THC percentage makes an individual who is driving considered to be impaired.