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Alaska auto accident can cause serious injuries

A vehicle accident in Alaska can be life-changing, depending on how serious a victim's injuries are. In addition to causing physical injuries that might prevent a person from being able to work, an auto accident may also cause emotional distress. It is within the rights of an injured accident victim to seek to hold a negligent party accountable for the injuries he or she is believed to have caused.

Injuries commonly suffered in a car crash include injuries to the neck, back or spinal cord. A spinal cord injury can cause a person to become paralyzed from the waist down and, thus, lose his or her ability to walk. Victims may also suffer head and brain injuries. Brain injuries can potentially affect a person's cognitive function and can even lead to changes in a person's behavior or emotional reactions.

Nonfatal pedestrian injuries can result from Alaska hit-and-runs

It is never wise to leave the site of any accident, especially when the accident occurs on a frozen Alaska river and involves an ATV and someone who is standing or walking. In a recent incident, this type of crash caused serious nonfatal pedestrian injuries to one person. Unfortunately, the ATV driver did not remain at the scene of the accident resulting in pedestrian injuries, leaving him open to criminal charges, as well as a potential personal injury lawsuit.

The incident occurred on a weekend evening on Alaska's Yukon River, which was completely frozen. A man was driving an all-terrain vehicle at what has been reported to be a high speed when he struck a female pedestrian. At that point, the driver allegedly stopped to apologize for hitting the woman and then continued to drive his vehicle away.

Car accident in Alaska injures Iditarod veteran

Car accidents can be serious enough when two or more motor vehicles are involved, but, when a pedestrian or other unprotected individual is involved, the severity of the accident can be greatly increased. These types accidents often leave the victims with severe injuries that can impact their lives for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, one car accident in Alaska recently left one woman, a veteran of the world-famous Iditarod race, with a suspected broken back.

The accident took place in late November during the early evening and involved a motor vehicle and an ATV. The accident occurred after the driver of the vehicle allegedly lost control of her car. The car slipped off of the roadway where it struck the victim who was riding an ATV as she trained her sled dogs.

Alaska teen indicted on charges stemming from car accident

A fatal car accident is never easy on the family of the deceased victim, and the months after the accident can often be just as difficult as the initial shock. If the driver who caused the accident faces charges, the judicial process can be long and act as a constant reminder to the family of the deceased victim. In Alaska, one teenager was finally indicted for his involvement in a fatal car accident that occurred eight months ago.

The accident took place in the spring of 2014 and involved an SUV and a semi truck. The collision took place after the defendant reportedly attempted to make a left turn, while failing to yield to an oncoming tractor-trailer. The defendant's SUV was then T-boned by the massive truck.

Convicted Alaska man could face wrongful death claim after crash

A fatal car accident can be emotionally damaging on the family of the deceased victim, but if a case is filed involving the accident, the time after the accident can be just as difficult. Wrongful death cases involving a car accident can often take months or even years to be settled, and while these proceedings are taking place, it is a constant reminder to a family of their loss. For one Alaska family, the driver who was responsible for the death of their loved one was recently convicted, and a wrongful death claim may be considered.

The accident took place in February of 2013 and involved two vehicles. The collision occurred after the defendant had stolen his father's car and ran a red light. It was at this time that he t-boned another vehicle, causing the death of one of the passengers, police reported.

Pedestrian accident kills woman in Alaska

Car accidents that leave victims with injuries can be difficult enough for the victim's family members, but if a victim is killed the emotional pain experienced by their loved ones can be crippling. This type of emotional pain can affect an individual's daily routine for an extended period of time and can impact his or her emotional stability. Unfortunately, one pedestrian accident in Alaska recently took a life unexpectedly.

The accident took place on an early November morning and involved a pedestrian and a motor vehicle. The 42-year-old female victim is believed to have been attempting to cross the street when the collision occurred. Police stated that it is unknown if speed was a factor when the vehicle struck the pedestrian or if road conditions might have played a part in the accident.

Car accident in Alaska causes 1 death

Although weather can be a significant factor in a car accident, sometimes it is not the only factor. Often, if a driver had simply driven in a more cautious manner, the accident could have been avoided -- even in hazardous weather conditions. Unfortunately, a car accident in Alaska resulted in the death of one and serious injuries to another.

The accident took place on the morning of Oct. 31 just before 11 a.m. and involved a car and two pickup trucks. The three vehicles collided on the highway. The car driver was killed and a passenger seriously injured. Emergency personnel attempted to fly the injured victim to the hospital, but the weather prevented the helicopter from landing. Alternatively, emergency personnel drove the victim to the hospital.

Alaska woman killed in car accident

Car accidents are sometimes an extremely traumatic experience for those involved, but if someone dies because of injuries from the accident, it can leave all other victims with even more emotional pain. Normally, victims can focus on making a full physical recovery in a timely manner, but emotional pain can prevent the healing process and can impact an individual's life for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, one woman unexpectedly died after a car accident in Alaska.

The original accident took place on the evening of October 17 at around 7:30 p.m. and involved an SUV and a taxi cab. The two vehicles collided in an intersection, which then sent two women and two children -- who were occupying the taxi -- to the hospital. Emergency personnel originally thought that the injuries suffered by the victims were not life-threatening.

Alaska woman dies from car accident injuries

An accident occurred over a recent weekend involving an SUV and a taxi. An Alaska woman was killed in the car accident and others injured. Authorities are still investigating the crash.

The crash took place on a recent Friday evening at an intersection. According to reports, a 35-year-old driver of an SUV did not stop at a stop sign and crashed into a taxi that was carrying two adult female passengers and a young child. The passengers who were in the taxi were transported to the hospital, where it was apparently revealed that there were no life-threatening injuries. Authorities visited the hospital where they were informed that an initial assessment of one of the female passengers determined that she did not have serious injuries.

Truck and pedestrian accident leaves Alaska man injured

Accidents that involve commercial trucks can be severe enough for other vehicles, but if a pedestrian is struck by one of the massive trucks, the injuries are usually devastating. The lack of protection that pedestrians have combined with the size of the truck can leave the pedestrian critically or fatally injured . Unfortunately, one pedestrian accident in Alaska recently left a victim in serious condition.

The accident took place on the night of Oct. 9 at around 9:45 p.m. but only involved one commercial truck and a pedestrian. The 54-year-old driver of the large semi truck struck the pedestrian with his vehicle, but he remained at the accident scene and called the police. Emergency personnel arrived and rushed the pedestrian to the hospital for treatment of the injuries that he suffered.