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Anchorage Personal Injury Law Blog

Pilot is killed in plane crash in Alaska

A pilot for Wings of Alaska airline was the only person on board who did not survive a recent plane crash. The plane had left a major city and was headed to an island off the state's coast. Officials from the National Transportation Safety Board are expected to conduct an investigation into the cause of the plane crash.

A 911 call from one of the survivors of the crash alerted police in Juneau as to what had happened. The plane was located by the U.S. Coast Guard on the side of a mountain only 18 miles from where it took off. The flight was supposed to take just 18 minutes to reach its destination.

Alaska police still investigating car accident involving minor

An Alaska teenager was recently suspected of causing a two-vehicle car accident. The 17-year-old male was injured in the accident and was taken to a local hospital to be treated. He was released as soon as doctors cleared him. A report stated officials are still looking into the car accident, but it did not give an indication of any charges being issued at this time.

Police responding to the scene of the accident determined that the teen veered into oncoming traffic after losing control of the sedan he was driving. They say he then hit head-on a vehicle traveling toward him. Both vehicles were damaged beyond repair as a result of the collision.

2-vehicle car accident cause of injury for Alaska woman

An Alaska woman was injured in a recent car accident involving two vehicles. A report did not specify the extent of her injuries but stated no one else in the wreck was injured. Both drivers involved in the car accident were issued citations for different violations.

Authorities inspecting the incident reported that the driver of a pickup truck tried to pass a sedan. The truck attempted the pass to the right of the sedan instead of the left. The pickup truck ran into the sedan and then went off the road. Before the truck came to a stop, it rolled over at least once.

9 people killed in Alaska sightseeing plane crash

A plane crash in the southeastern part of Alaska has claimed the lives of nine people. Investigators were dispatched two days after the crash to the site to see if they could determine the cause. At the time of a report on the plane crash, a spokesperson for the National Transportation Safety Board said it was too early to come to any conclusions about what happened.

The group had been on a sightseeing air tour during a seven-day Alaska cruise. They were returning to the cruise ship after flying over some of the state's wilderness areas of lakes and mountains. Although the air space where they were was not controlled, pilots usually communicate with each other in the air to get help with where they need to go. The plane crashed in an area of mountains that frequently experiences adverse weather conditions, but it is not yet known if weather was a factor.

Family may appeal wrongful death verdict given by Alaska jury

A family may be appealing the verdict handed down by a jury in a wrongful death lawsuit. The jury found the owner of an Alaska gun store innocent of the charges against him concerning a 26-year-old man who was killed with a gun that was allegedly taken from the gun store. The trial in the wrongful death suit lasted two weeks with the jury deliberating approximately 10 hours before coming to a decision.

Testimony revealed the man who was convicted of shooting the young man entered the gun store before the murder and carried on a conversation with the owner for around 20 minutes. The discussion was about purchasing a particular type of rifle. The owner left the man alone for a few minutes and the man left the store with the rifle after placing $200 on the counter.

Alaska woman involved in drunk driving accident

An Alaska woman has allegedly been involved in a drunk driving accident in which she also left the scene. The woman is an employee of the state's Senate majority as a spokesperson. The alleged drunk driving accident happened as she was leaving a legislative office's parking garage.

Witnesses in the garage claim the woman was backing up her car and hit one woman, knocking her down. They said she then hit another woman on her leg. Witnesses tried to alert her as to what had happened and tried to stop her as she was driving away, but the woman was reported to have said she could not stop. Both of the female victims sustained minor injuries and were treated and released.

Experienced representation after an Alaska aviation accident

Alaska is a beautiful state. In order to fully appreciate all the state has to offer, many people -- both residents and tourists -- seek to take in the sights from either a helicopter or airplane. While there are certain regulations in place governing pilot's licenses, an aviation accident can easily happen due to unpredictable nature of the Alaska landscape and climate. People who are injured or who lost a loved one in such an accident may need the help of the Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider, P.C.

Attorney Schneider is not only experienced with personal injury cases, but he is also a licensed pilot. His experience in the air provides him with a better understanding of potential risks as well as FAA regulations. Because he is also a pilot, he knows how accidents occur and how they can be prevented.

Plane crash injures one pilot at Alaska airport

A plane crash occurred recently between two Cessna aircraft at an airport in Alaska. Both planes were in the air at the time of the accident. Only one injury was reported as a result of the plane crash.

Both planes were in the process of landing on the runway and were only approximately 100 feet off the ground when they collided. The first plane contained the pilot and four passengers; no one aboard was hurt in the crash. The pilot of the second plane was the only person aboard and was taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance. His injuries were reported as being non-critical.

Alaska woman is seriously injured in early morning car accident

An early morning car accident has left an Alaska woman seriously injured. The 34-year-old woman was a passenger in the only car involved in the incident. Police say the car accident was the result of the driver falling asleep at the wheel.

After the 21-year-old male driver allegedly fell asleep, the car crossed several lanes of traffic and went off the road, finally rolling several times before stopping. While he was wearing a seat belt, his female passenger was not. A report on the incident did not say she had been thrown from the car, but the injuries she received were severe enough that she had to be airlifted to a major medical center for care. No word on her condition after treatment was given.

Cross-over car accident in Alaska kills 1 and injures another

A substantial number of car accidents on U.S. roads are caused by drivers who cross over the median or center line. Such accidents often lead to head-on collisions, and catastrophic injuries or even death is not uncommon. Alaska is no different, and a tragic cross-over car accident recently claimed the life of a driver and severely injured another.

The dispatch reports of the troopers who responded stated that the crash occurred on Glenn Highway in the early afternoon of a recent Saturday. They found that a 79-year-old man from another state was northbound in a pickup truck, towing an SUV. For reasons not yet determined, the driver apparently veered across the center, landing in the southbound traffic lane.