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Anchorage Personal Injury Law Blog

Numerous car accident injuries are caused by distracted driving

Technological advances are supposed to make the lives of Alaska's residents better. However, an ever-increasing number of car accident injuries are caused by drivers who are distracted because they are texting. One study indicated that texting and driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. This is due to the fact that it is not only a driver's eyes that are taken off the road, but that he or she needs to concentrate on the conversation and what is being typed.

When a driver diverts his or her attention for as little as two seconds, his or her risk of being involved in an accident increases 24 times. If a driver happens to be inexperienced, which is the case with many teenagers, the risk is even higher. A recent study involving interactive presentations given to approximately 3,000 teenagers from Alaska and three other states has shown that similar presentations can make teenagers more aware of these dangers.

Auto accident proves fatal for Alaska tourist

Many people come to Alaska to explore the land and perhaps stir up some pioneering spirit. What they don't expect to happen during their visit is to become involved in an auto accident. Unfortunately, it can happen to a tourist just as easily as to a resident of the state.

A group of sightseers from various parts of the world were traveling together in a motor home close to the Knik River Bridge. As they were traveling, an oncoming vehicle crossed the road median and hit them. They weren't the only victims, though; the out-of-control vehicle also hit a van.

Fatal pedestrian accident in Alaska city shuts down roadways

It is not unusual for the first reports of a fatal pedestrian accident to give very little information to the public. After all, the Alaska authorities have to piece together the events that occurred in the moments leading up to the incident, as well as those that took place directly after the event. They also feel a responsibility, in many cases, to protect the identity of the victim of the fatal pedestrian accident until his or her family has been notified.

A recent fatal pedestrian accident that occurred in Anchorage has followed this path. The crash between a vehicle and a pedestrian took place on a late March afternoon. In order to clear the scene and carry out a thorough investigation, local police closed down all the lanes at the intersection of two roads for more than two hours.

Some Alaska drunk drivers accept they should pay for poor choices

Alaska drunk drivers who fatally injure others due to their negligence and bad choices sometimes realize -- and even come to fully accept -- that they are to blame for their actions. In fact, some drunk drivers recognize that they must pay for their crimes. While this does not bring back the people they have killed, their acknowledgements may go a long way toward preventing others from making the same mistakes. 

One man, a former member of the U.S. Air Force who is in prison in Alaska for killing someone while driving drunk, has spoken up about his own feelings of remorse for his decision. He has spent just under two years of a 12-year sentence in jail and claims he cannot speak his victim's name aloud. During an exclusive interview with a military publication, he was quick to admit that he understood why he deserved to be behind bars. 

Alaska fatal crash appears to be drunk driving accident

Passengers who willingly get into vehicles operated by people who are intoxicated are at a great risk of being involved in a drunk driving accident. In fact, they could become the victims of fatal drunk driving accident incidents like one that took place recently in Alaska. The accident is a sad reminder of how quickly a night out can turn into a tragedy.

The single-vehicle crash occurred close to Fairbanks in early February and involved a pickup truck that rolled over several times. Authorities were called to the scene in the early morning hours. When they arrived, they discovered that two people were injured. The driver received treatment at a nearby medical facility, but his passenger succumbed to her injuries at the scene, according to emergency personnel. She had been thrown from the truck, presumably as it was rolling.

Alaska drunk drivers who kill can face jail time, civil suits

For drunk drivers in Alaska who are the cause of fatal accidents, penalties abound. Not only are they in violation of state criminal laws regarding driving under the influence, usually ending in jail time, but they may also face civil lawsuits as well. This ability to legally require them to pay for their bad choices serves to protect both the community in which the drunk drivers reside, as well as their victims' families.

The time in prison that a drunk driver may face varies, depending upon a nimber of factors. Recently, in Anchorage, a driver who killed two teenagers in Aug. 2013, was sent to prison to serve a 32 year term on dual counts of second-degree murder. The man will only be eligible for parole after he has served 20 years.

Unimportant tasks can lead to Alaska auto accident incidents

Texting, eating and talking on the phone are all commonplace occurrences for most Alaska residents. However, none of these tasks should be happening while a person is driving; after all, the risk of getting into an auto accident increases when the driver isn't paying attention to the road. In fact, distracted driving is a significant factor in many auto accident incidents throughout the state and nation. 

Being distracted while behind the wheel is sometimes illegal, depending upon what the driver is doing. For instance, texting while operating a motor vehicle in Alaska is illegal. This includes taking a quick look at the screen of an iPhone when cruising along the highway. It has also been interpreted to include not using a GPS while driving. Even a momentary lapse in attention can lead to tragedy for the driver, not to mention any potential victims and their families.

Alaska crash shows variety of incidents caused by drunk drivers

Drunk drivers don't merely crash into vehicles similar in size to those they are driving. They can also collide with other types of moving objects, including smaller vehicles that are used for recreational purposes. In Alaska, a recent accident between an SUV and a four-wheeler shows the variety of vehicular crashes that can be caused by drunk drivers.

The incident reportedly occurred quite early on a weekend morning. The SUV, driven by an adult male, ran into a four-wheeler, operated by a minor. Alaska troopers who arrived on the scene discovered that the driver of the SUV was intoxicated; he was also driving illegally due to a driver's license that had been revoked.

Wrongful death suit could follow hit and run crash

When a family loses a loved one in a car crash, it is always a tragic event for those involved. A sudden loss is often far harder to cope with than one that is anticipated, and a loss that seems preventable is even harder to accept. For one family, the aftermath of a fatal Alaska car crash has left them trying to understand the series of events that led to the tragedy. As the case moves forward, criminal charges and a wrongful death suit may be part of that process.

Upon early investigation, police believe that the crash took place in the early morning hours of a recent Wednesday. Calls were placed to emergency dispatch with reports of a vehicle that crashed into a tree nearby a trailer park. When police arrived at the scene, they found a 30-year-old female passenger in the vehicle in an unresponsive state.

Alaska child becomes pedestrian accident victim

When parents in Alaska send their children to the bus stop in the morning, they may not give the event a second thought. After all, this is an everyday occurrence and often seems quite harmless. The truth, though, is that young people waiting at bus stops are at risk of becoming victims of a pedestrian accident. Whenever groups of people are so near to areas of traffic, a pedestrian accident is always an unfortunate possible outcome.

One 10-year-old girl who was waiting for a bus on a Friday morning near Wasilla became the unfortunate victim of this kind of incident. She was reportedly hit when a truck, driven by a male in his early 30s, slid from the roadway. According to Alaska authorities, the girl's wounds included injury to her head. She was flown to a medical center for treatment, and her condition remained critical at last report.