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Alaska plane crash may have resulted from mechanical error

Alaska residents are no strangers to small planes and helicopters transporting both people and supplies into the more remote areas of the state. As a result, the news of a small plane crash is perhaps more common that in other areas of the country. One recent accident took the life of the pilot and may have been the result of a serious mechanical error.

Witnesses who saw the small plane take off expressed concern over the erratic flight path. Upon leaving the runway, the plane continued in a nose-up position and did not attain a leveled-off flight path. As two witnesses watched, the plane steadily climbed before pitching back down toward the ground with the nose pointed down. The plane crashed, killing the 61-year-old pilot, the aircraft's only occupant.

Car accident in Alaska injures 2, kills driver deemed at fault

Car accidents that are serious enough can often leave the individuals involved with injuries, but if the collision is head on, the severity of the injuries can drastically increase. Typically, head on collisions leave those involved with serious injuries that can inhibit their ability to perform daily tasks, such as go to work. While this has obvious financial consequences for the victim, it can cause emotional pain as well. Unfortunately, one car accident in Alaska recently took the life of one person and left two others with serious injuries.

The two vehicle accident took place on the afternoon of July 10 at around 3:30 p.m. Initial investigation showed that the first vehicle, for unknown reasons, crossed the center line and struck the second vehicle. Emergency personnel arrived at the scene of the accident and pronounced the driver of the first vehicle deceased, while the two occupants of the second vehicle were transported to the hospital by helicopter.

Alaska woman could end up facing wrongful death claim

Car accidents can be tragic enough if both vehicles involved are the standard size. However, if an individual involved is driving a vehicle such as a motorcycle or ATV, the injuries can be much more severe. The lack of protection that these types of vehicles offer can often put the occupants at risk of serious injury. An Alaska woman may end up facing a wrongful death claim after a recent accident took the life of someone riding an ATV.

The accident took place in Nov. 2012 and involved an ATV and a standard vehicle. The investigations say that the driver of a car struck the ATV, which in turn killed the rider. It was suspected that the car driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. Apparently, subsequent lab testing was completed recently.

Aviation accident in Alaska injures 1

Airplanes are generally a safe way for individuals to travel. However, when the pilot is not aware of their surroundings, it can lead to devastating accidents if there are bystanders in the nearby area. If an individual is struck by an airplane, they can often suffer serious injuries or worse. Unfortunately, one man is in the hospital in Alaska after he was the victim of an aviation accident involving a floatplane.

The accident occurred on June 15 when a floatplane attempted to take off and struck a man who was on a boat. Initial investigations suggested that the pilot took off, hit a gust of downward air and lost altitude. He leveled off and struck the victim after the pilot lost sight of him. The victim was in the process of moving a boat when he was struck.

Man injured in Alaska pedestrian accident

A person on a bike in Alaska may be enjoying a leisurely ride when all of a sudden, a vehicle hits him or her. This type of accident is particularly dangerous for the pedestrian because the biker has virtually no protection against a a speeding automobile. Distracted driving on the part of the motorist may easily lead to this type of a pedestrian accident.

One male biker was injured on a recent Thursday evening after a car struck him. He was on his way to a bike path, getting ready to take a bike ride that was slated to last just about three minutes. While he was trying to cross the road, a compact car ended up hitting him.

Car accident in Alaska injures multiple people

Car accidents that leave the victims with both physical and emotional injuries can be tragic enough, but when the driver at fault is accused of driving while under the influence, it can be even more disheartening. Accidents that are caused by drunk driving are never acceptable, as drivers who decide to get behind the wheel while under the influence run the risk of not only injuring themselves, but those around them on the road. Unfortunately, one car accident in Alaska injured multiple people recently may have involved drunk driving.

The accident took place on June 15 at around 3 p.m. and involved two motor vehicles. The first vehicle, which was occupied by a 63-year-old-man and a 64-year-old woman, was heading north when a car driven by a 44-year-old man reportedly crossed the center line. The two vehicles then collided head-on.

Car accident in Alaska leaves passenger injured

Car accidents that injure victims who are not in control of the vehicle can be tragic enough, but if the crash is caused by the driver being intoxicated, it can be even harder on the victims. Driving under the influence of alcohol is never a good excuse for an accident, especially if the accident injures multiple people. Unfortunately, one car accident in Alaska may have been caused by alcohol.

The accident took place on the night of June 8 at around 11 p.m. and involved only one vehicle. Initial investigations showed that the driver of the vehicle lost control while he was attempting to maneuver around a curve. This caused the vehicle to hit a ditch, strike a driveway and roll afterward.

Man sentenced for drunk driving accident in Alaska

Car accidents that are serious enough can often leave their victims with injuries that alter their lives forever, but when these accidents are caused by drunk driving, the emotional wounds can be serious for the victims as well. The months or years after the accident can be even harder for the victims as they wait for the driver who caused the accident to go to trial. However, after the case is over, it can be a huge relief to the victims, even if the outcome is not in their favor. One man was finally convicted and charged for his involvement in a drunk driving accident that injured one Alaska police officer.

The initial collision took place in November 2011 when the defendant collided head-on with the officer's vehicle. The man drove 14 miles on the wrong side of the road that night before he struck the officer's vehicle and injured the officer. The officer was taken to the hospital with several injuries to his leg and hip, which sadly ended his career at the department.

Alaska driver charged for involvement in drunk driving accident

Drunk driving crashes can be tragic enough when two standard vehicles are involved, but when a motorcycle is involved in the collision, the severity can increase dramatically. Motorcycles do not offer the protection that a full-sized car does, nor are they as visible as a standard-sized automobile. This combined with the lowered awareness of an intoxicated individual can create catastrophic accidents that leave the rider with serious or even fatal injuries. One man in Alaska is now being formally charged for his alleged involvement in a drunk driving accident.

The original accident took place on April 5 just after 10 p.m. after the driver of the vehicle had been reportedly drinking. Investigations showed that the driver attempted to make a left turn, but struck the rider of the motorcycle. Once police officers arrived on the scene, they attempted to perform emergency procedures on the victim.

Wrongful death of motorcyclist caused by accident in Alaska?

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation throughout the United States, especially during the mild temperatures and nice weather that come with spring. However, these machines can be a hazard as well as a joy for the rider, since motorcycles do not offer the protection that regular automobiles do. This means that if a motorcycle is involved in an accident with another vehicle, the riders can often receive serious injuries or even be killed. Unfortunately, one collision in Alaska may have caused the wrongful death of one motorcycle rider recently.

The accident took place on the morning of May 15 at around 8 a.m. and involved one dump truck and a motorcycle. Initial investigations reported that the dump truck attempted to make a left turn in front of the motorcycle, but the motorcycle collided with a trailer that was being pulled by the truck. Police stated that the rider may not have seen the trailer in time to stop, as the dump truck may have obstructed his view.