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Alaska pedestrian accident kills 1 in Anchorage

Pedestrians are at risk of an accident every time they walk near a road or attempt to cross the street. When a pedestrian is near a road at night, the likelihood of an accident can be increased dramatically. The low visibility that night offers a driver can make it more difficult for drivers to see pedestrians, and the lack of protection that a pedestrian has can increase the severity of an accident if it occurs. Although it can be difficult for drivers to see pedestrians, this is not an excuse as drivers should be more vigilant at night. A pedestrian accident in Alaska recently killed one person.

The accident took place on Sept. 9 at around 11:30 p.m. and involved a motor vehicle and a pedestrian.  Initial investigations showed that the driver of the vehicle was driving southbound on the road when the vehicle struck the pedestrian in the roadway. Emergency personnel arrived at the scene, but the pedestrian was already deceased.

No charges in fatal bicycle crash that led to loss of a loved one

The family of a man killed in an Anchorage, Alaska bicycle accident early this year have recently learned that the driver of the vehicle that struck and killed their loved one will not face criminal charges in the incident. The case has sparked a great deal of debate across the state, as there are a number of factors that complicate the core issues surrounding one family's loss of a loved one. However, after close to eight months of investigation into the matter, local authorities have released a statement outlining their reasons for not charging the driver involved in this bicycle crash.

The accident took place in the early afternoon, as a 65-year-old man was attempting to cross a busy roadway. Another vehicle had chosen to make a wide right turn around him, which momentarily blocked the rider from the view of oncoming traffic. The cyclist should have yielded to that driver, but did not. The driver who struck and killed the cyclist may not have seen him until seconds before the impact took place.

Pedestrian accident in Alaska injures 2 -- was it intentional?

Most incidents that involve a pedestrian and a motor vehicle are an accident, but when the driver of the vehicle intentionally targets the pedestrian, the victim can receive severe injuries in the collision. The lack of protection that pedestrians have when struck by a motor vehicle can seriously increase the severity of any injuries, and makes them an even easier target for an individual who wants to cause bodily harm. One woman in Alaska is being charged for allegedly causing a pedestrian accident on purpose.

The collision took place on Aug. 27 and involved two pedestrians and an ATV. Police stated that they believe the pedestrian and the rider were arguing before the accident took place. They say that the rider then stated that she was going to hit the pedestrian and did so as the woman was pushing her baby in a stroller before pulling off.

Drunk driving accident in Alaska kills 1

Car accidents that cause even the slightest of injuries can be difficult to deal with, but if they are caused by a senseless reason it can be even more frustrating. Drunk driving is one of the most common causes for avoidable car accidents, and can leave all of the accident’s victims wondering why they were involved in such an irresponsible act. Unfortunately, a drunk driving accident in Alaska recently injured one person.

The accident took place on Aug. 23 at around 12 p.m. and involved two motor vehicles. Initial investigations showed police that the first driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic, and collided with a second vehicle. The driver of the first vehicle, a 51-year-old woman, was arrested for drunk driving after the accident.

Alaska drunk driving accident kills 1

Teen drivers are generally some of the most inexperienced drivers. They lack the years of driving that typically benefit older drivers, and this inexperience is often exacerbated when alcohol is involved. When an accident results, the consequences can be devastating and even result in serious injury or even death. Police say that one such drunk driving accident in Anchorage left a bicyclist dead in the summer, and now the driver is facing criminal charges in Alaska.

The original accident took place on the morning of July 19 and involved a standard car and a bicycle. Police say that the driver was traveling along a road in front of the bicyclist. Apparently, she decided she was going in the wrong direction and backed up to turn around. She then struck the rider and drove off.

Woman charged for wrongful death in Alaska

Car accidents can be tragic enough if the victims suffer serious injuries, but if an individual is killed in the accident, it can be extremely trying on the family of the victim. The emotional pain of losing a loved one can impair the lives of those impacted, especially if the death is sudden and unexpected. If an individual is found at fault, the judicial process that can occur after the accident can act as a daily reminder for the family of their loss. One woman in Alaska was recently charged for her involvement in a fatal car accident that occurred several months earlier, which caused the wrongful death of a young girl.

The accident took place in May of 2014 when a motor vehicle struck a 4-year-old girl who was riding her bike at the time of the accident. Initial investigations showed that the driver may have been on her cell phone at the time of the accident. The accident tragically killed the small girl.

Car accident in Alaska sends 2 to hospital

Traffic signs are put in place across the United States to help drivers safely navigate the roads that intertwine across the United States, but when these signs are ignored, it can have detrimental consequences for those involved. The negligent driving that is required to totally ignore a traffic sign can quickly create dangerous situations that can turn into severe accidents in an instant. Unfortunately, one car accident in Alaska recently caused several people to acquire major injuries.

The accident took place on the afternoon of July 2 just after 12 p.m. and involved two motor vehicles. Initial investigations showed that the driver of the first vehicle ran a stop sign and struck the second vehicle in the intersection. This caused the second vehicle to drive down an embankment before coming to a complete stop.

Drunk driving accident injures 1 passenger in Alaska

Serious car accidents can be tragic enough if injuries occur, but if the accident occurs for an avoidable reason like drunk driving, the victims can be left with emotional wounds as well. Emotional injury can impact an individual’s life for an extended period of time and even inhibit the victim’s ability to heal his or her physical injuries. Unfortunately, one recent drunk driving accident in Alaska seriously injured one man.

The accident took place on the afternoon of July 23 just before 5 p.m. and involved one motor vehicle. Initial investigations showed police that the driver of the vehicle had struck a guard rail, which ejected her passenger from the vehicle. Emergency personnel arrived at the scene of the accident and quickly transported the passenger to the hospital with serious injuries.

Alaska plane crash may have resulted from mechanical error

Alaska residents are no strangers to small planes and helicopters transporting both people and supplies into the more remote areas of the state. As a result, the news of a small plane crash is perhaps more common that in other areas of the country. One recent accident took the life of the pilot and may have been the result of a serious mechanical error.

Witnesses who saw the small plane take off expressed concern over the erratic flight path. Upon leaving the runway, the plane continued in a nose-up position and did not attain a leveled-off flight path. As two witnesses watched, the plane steadily climbed before pitching back down toward the ground with the nose pointed down. The plane crashed, killing the 61-year-old pilot, the aircraft's only occupant.

Car accident in Alaska injures 2, kills driver deemed at fault

Car accidents that are serious enough can often leave the individuals involved with injuries, but if the collision is head on, the severity of the injuries can drastically increase. Typically, head on collisions leave those involved with serious injuries that can inhibit their ability to perform daily tasks, such as go to work. While this has obvious financial consequences for the victim, it can cause emotional pain as well. Unfortunately, one car accident in Alaska recently took the life of one person and left two others with serious injuries.

The two vehicle accident took place on the afternoon of July 10 at around 3:30 p.m. Initial investigation showed that the first vehicle, for unknown reasons, crossed the center line and struck the second vehicle. Emergency personnel arrived at the scene of the accident and pronounced the driver of the first vehicle deceased, while the two occupants of the second vehicle were transported to the hospital by helicopter.