Lawsuit Blames Johnson & Johnson for Toddler Tylenol-Related Death

A lawsuit recently filed on behalf of a Washington family accuses pharmaceutical / child health product giant Johnson & Johnson (and its distributor McNeil Consumer Healthcare) of putting profits above safety and causing the death of a toddler in 2010.

The wrongful death suit was brought by the parents of River Moore, a two-year-old boy whose life was tragically cut short after a fever on July 22, 2010, resulted in his being given a dose of allegedly tainted Tylenol-brand pain reliever. Shortly after his parents administered the medication, little River began having a startling reaction resulting in more severe symptoms, including his coughing up blood. He was rushed to the hospital, but less than a day later, he was gone. His official cause of death was listed as liver failure; extensive testing before his death and during his autopsy seemed to rule out other causes.

His parents contend that the negligent manufacture and distribution of tainted Tylenol (containing an unhealthily high level of the active ingredient acetaminophen) is to blame for River's untimely demise. They cite the numerous and ongoing Johnson & Johnson recalls - including their defective metal hip implant that has led to a class action lawsuit, public recalls of other children's medications (including the batch that was given to River Moore) and the so-called "stealth recall" the company instituted where it secretly paid a company to quietly buy up a stockpile of contaminated Motrin to keep it out of public hands without raising eyebrows - and other legal woes, as evidence that the company was more concerned with protecting their bottom line than on properly meeting the health needs of its consumers.

The case against Johnson & Johnson, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, several CEOs and some distributors of Children's Tylenol is likely to continue for years to come, particularly if other plaintiffs come forward with similar allegations. If you or a loved one has been injured by a faulty medication or medical device, speak with a skilled personal injury attorney in your area to learn more about your legal rights and options.