The consequences of a brain injury are highly unpredictable

Many people, including here in Alaska, suffer from the effects of a traumatic brain injury every year. According to the Brain Injury Association of America, approximately 2.4 million people sustain a brain injury in a serious accident on a yearly basis. Although TBIs are fairly common, the effects victims experience are highly unpredictable and vary greatly from person to person. Often, these consequences depend on the cause, location and severity of the trauma.

The four different types of effects

Although the symptoms of a brain injury are numerous, they can be divided into four separate categories. According to WebMD, these include the following:

  • Physical - those who suffer from a TBI may experience extreme mental or physical fatigue and suffer from persistent headaches. They may also become paralyzed, experience consistent tremors or seizures and develop a sensitivity to light.
  • Behavioral - some of the behavioral consequences brain injury victims may suffer from include sluggishness and increased aggressiveness. Those with a TBI may also become unable to tolerate stress and become unusually impatient or irritable.
  • Perceptual - those who sustain a TBI may find that their vision, hearing or sense of touch changes. Additionally, brain injury victims may experience an inability to sense time and develop disorders of smell and taste.
  • Cognitive - after incurring brain damage, TBI victims may have a difficult time processing information and expressing their thoughts to others. They may also find that their attention span shortens and have a hard time making decisions.

Those who suffer from a TBI can often benefit from several different forms of long-term, rehabilitative care. This may include some combination of occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, physical therapy and psychological support.

Recovering from a TBI

Even though brain injury victims may require extensive medical and rehabilitative care, there are things they can do independently to aid the recovery process. For example, according to the BIAA, TBI victims should refrain from rushing back to work or school and avoid participating in any activity that could result in additional trauma to their head.

Those recovering from a TBI should also only take medications approved by their doctor and wait to drink alcohol until receiving medical approval. Additionally, when TBI victims have a hard time remembering things, they should write the information down.

Reach out to an attorney

Although financial compensation may not make up for the immense pain and suffering Alaska TBI victims experience, it can help those with a brain injury handle the expenses of needed medical and rehabilitative care. If you were injured in an accident and sustained a brain injury, contact an attorney to determine what compensation may be available to you.