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Skilled Legal Help After A Plane Accident Or Helicopter Crash

Alaska can be a dangerous place to fly because of extreme and unpredictable terrain and weather conditions. While the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires certification, it cannot teach a pilot good judgment. Lack of training, pilot error and maintenance problems cause plane and helicopter crashes every year.

At the Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider, we represent people hurt or killed in aviation accidents involving planes and helicopters. All too often, pilot negligence or bad judgment are the causes of plane and helicopter crashes that injure or kill Alaskans and tourists visiting our state. If you have been involved in an aviation accident, contact attorney Michael J. Schneider. You can talk with an Anchorage plane accident lawyer at no cost.

Your Case Will Be Handled By An Experienced Airplane Pilot

Attorney Michael J. Schneider is a licensed commercial pilot who has been flying since 1980. He is well-versed in safe flying procedures, aircraft operations and FAA regulations governing air traffic in Alaska. He understands how accidents can occur. When bringing an aviation accident or wrongful death case to trial, you deserve a personal injury lawyer who knows the law and the aircraft.

Was It Weather, Pilot Error Or A Problem With The Plane Or Helicopter?

One of the most frequent causes of plane crashes in Alaska is flying in conditions that the plane or pilot cannot handle. Pilots may become disoriented in bad weather. The plane may not be able to handle extreme turbulence. Helicopter operations pose the same risks. When weather conditions are dangerous, it is the responsibility of the pilot to turn back or refuse to fly.

Lives are at stake, and the pilot has a duty to passengers. That duty ought to outweigh the interests of an employer who is trying to get in one more tourist run. While it’s a serious decision, even medevac pilots need to use extreme caution when deciding to fly out in dangerous conditions for a medical pickup.

Recovering Fair Compensation From The Right People

There may be several responsible parties in an aviation accident. If an employer pressured a pilot to fly in dangerous conditions, that employer may be at least partly responsible for any injuries or deaths. If a plane part failed, the manufacturer or owner of the plane who failed to do proper maintenance may be responsible. Determining all the responsible parties and deciding who to seek damages from is a tactical decision that we will make in light of the facts.

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It costs you nothing to speak with a highly qualified lawyer. If you become a client of our firm, you will owe nothing unless and until we collect compensation for you.