Case Results

Arbitrations & Trials:

Trial Verdict/Description of case:

$1,135,838.00 Auto Accident causing neck injuries with treatment complications.

$1,450,000.00 Slip and fall disembarking from a boat causing a knee injury.

$450,000.00 Auto accident causing a shoulder injury to an individual who lived a subsistence lifestyle.

$166,250.00 Insurance Agent/Broker negligence case.


$1,765.000.00 Medical negligence case resulting in paraplegia.

$1,150,000.00 Helicopter crash resulting in salt water drowning.

$625,913.00 Auto accident causing a fractured foot.

$289,677.00 Auto accident involving a fractured ankle; additional settlement money being negotiated.

$774,095.00 Auto accident involving a minor with a hip fracture.

$750,000.00 Gun shot wound to an infant by a negligent homeowner.

$602,676.00 Death claim as a result of being run over by a motor vehicle.

$485,000,00 Negligent supervision of a minor resulting in frost bitten feet.

$574,621.00 Negligent discharge of a firearm causing death.

$650,000.00 Rafting accident resulting in injuries and the death of an elderly woman.