Compensation For Life-Changing Spinal Cord Injuries

About one person in 50 live in some form of paralysis — nearly six million people. Of that number, about a third were injured in some kind of accident — a crash, a fall, an act of violence (including sports activity) or an accident on the job.

Damage to the spinal cord rivals severe brain injury as the most catastrophic class of injury. When the damage is extensive, and electric signals to the body are blocked, a person can lose all physical control.

For this reason, compensation for spinal cord injuries must take into account all the present and future needs that a partially or wholly paralyzed person will require. It is not unusual for compensation packages for these injuries to reach into the seven- and even eight-figure amounts.

Compensation Following A Serious Injury To The Spinal Column

We seek compensation for all medical expenses, all the income you will lose because of the injury, and all the pain and misery this injury will cost you.

Your challenge is to pull yourself together for a different kind of life than you expected. Our job is to investigate and identify the root cause of the injury, compiling evidence and documenting. We will assist in the challenging task of arriving at a sum of compensation that will not leave you high and dry at a future date.

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