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Legal Help After A Helicopter Accident

Helicopter accidents, like any other aviation accidents, are extremely catastrophic. There is almost no such thing as a minor helicopter accident. If you or a family member has been in a helicopter accident, you need the help of an experienced lawyer who focuses on aviation accidents.

Experienced personal injury lawyer Michael J. Schneider offers quality, aggressive representation of your rights if you were seriously injured or a loved one was killed in a helicopter accident in Anchorage or elsewhere in Alaska. For more than 45 years, the Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider has represented victims and families of victims injured or killed in aviation accidents involving helicopters and airplanes.

Attorney And Pilot

Michael J. Schneider is also a licensed commercial pilot who has been flying for more than 30 years. He is well-versed in safe flying procedures, aircraft operations and FAA regulations governing air traffic in Alaska. He understands how accidents can occur. When bringing an aviation accident or wrongful death case to trial, you deserve a lawyer who knows the law and the aircraft.

Helicopter Dangers

Helicopters are very difficult to fly – especially in Alaska, due to our state’s extremely rugged and unpredictable terrain and often inclement weather.

The standard helicopter flight mission – oil, exploration, charter or medical care – places it into an even more hazardous environment. The lower altitude taken by helicopters, compared to those of fixed-wing aircraft, brings them closer to hazards such as mountains, radio control towers and utility poles and wires. Powerful impact forces involved in helicopter crashes make it almost certain that pilot and passenger victims will sustain severe, disabling or fatal injuries.

According to recent statistics, roughly a third of all helicopter crashes worldwide occur in the U.S. Our accident rate for civil helicopter use per 100,000 flight hours has been as high as 40 percent, more frequent than that of general aviation fixed-wing aircraft. Even the “chopper” industry itself has conceded that our national helicopter accident rate is “excessive and unsustainable.” Lack of sound judgment by, and training of, pilots; pilot error; and maintenance problems cause far too many aviation accidents and helicopter crashes every year.

Causes Of Helicopter Accidents

One of the most frequent causes of helicopter crashes in Alaska is the temptation to fly in conditions that a pilot cannot handle. A pilot may become disoriented in bad weather or unable to handle extreme turbulence. When weather conditions are dangerous for helicopter operations, it is the responsibility of the pilot to turn back. Even medevac pilots must use extreme caution when deciding to venture out in dangerous conditions for a medical pickup.

A number of parties may be to blame for a helicopter accident:

  • Employer: If an employer such as a tour helicopter company pressured a pilot to fly in dangerous conditions, that employer may be at least partly responsible for any injuries or deaths.
  • Defects in the aircraft: If a helicopter part malfunctioned or was shown to be defective, or a structural design flaw led to a crash, the helicopter owner, designer or manufacturer who failed to perform proper maintenance could be considered responsible.
  • Air traffic control errors: When a pilot receives incorrect information, it can lead to navigation and flight path errors that could put a pilot into dangerous conditions.

Michael J. Schneider uses in-depth investigation to identify responsible parties and decide whom to seek damages from, then confronts the negligent parties with facts of your claim during negotiations – and litigation if necessary.

If your Alaska family is dealing with the tragedy of wrongful death resulting from a helicopter crash, our law firm will aggressively protect your rights while remaining sensitive to your emotions at this difficult time in your life.

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