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Alaska man arrested after possible wrongful death accident

A man was recently released from a hospital in Alaska after being treated for injuries he suffered in a car accident. He was apparently behind the wheel at the time and has since been arrested and charged with multiple offenses, including homicide. The alleged wrongful death crash occurred in June 2016.

Police say the 28-year-old was drunk when his vehicle crashed, killing three people who were passengers, and injuring six other occupants. Authorities claim the man admitted to drinking two beers and also consumed several shots of liquor before driving that day. The breath sample he submitted after the crash allegedly showed that his blood alcohol content level was at least twice the legal limit.

Man charged in Alaska after apparent drunk driving accident

In the aftermath of some motor vehicle collisions, criminal charges may be filed if authorities determine there is cause to do so. One such incident recently occurred in Alaska, involving a 19-year-old man who now stands accused of several serious crimes after an apparent drunk driving accident. Sadly, there was one fatality in the crash.

The tragedy took place on a recent Tuesday. The driver is said to have been traveling with his high school friend, age 18, on their way to a public sauna. Their travels began at a local boat harbor some distance away.

Alaska car accident ends in multiple fatalities

A tragic incident occurred recently on a roadway in Alaska. A car accident involving more than one vehicle resulted in multiple fatalities. A thorough investigation was reportedly launched following the terrible collision. Preliminary results state that all those involved were wearing proper seat restraints at the time.

It was nearing 3 p.m. on a recent Saturday when the accident took place. It happened on a road in Kenai. Apparently, a 34-year-old man was behind the wheel of the vehicle that appears to have caused the crash. While traveling, his vehicle allegedly veered off course into the oncoming lane of traffic.

Financial devastation often follows the loss of a loved one

No Alaska parents wants to receive news that their 17-year-old child has been killed in an automobile accident. However, a recent crash involving two vehicles took the lives of two young girls both that age. Many times, a family who has suffered the loss of a loved one in a fatal crash is then hit with tremendous financial debt when faced with funeral expenses, medical bills for any treatment rendered before death and other costs.

The recent tragedy occurred on a Monday night when the two girls were traveling together in a sports utility vehicle. Apparently, a pickup truck collided with them, head-on, and their vehicle went underwater in a nearby creek. Officers estimated that the vehicle was at least five to seven feet underwater for an unknown period of time.

Pursuing justice in Alaska after a drunk driving accident

One can only imagine the horror of learning that a loved one has been killed in a motor vehicle collision. When an incident is believed to have been a drunk driving accident, a grieving family's sorrow may be intensified, accompanied by a strong desire for justice. In Alaska and all other states, an immediate family member of a fatal accident victim may file a wrongful death claim in a civil court against any and all parties deemed responsible for a death.

Prosecutors may also file criminal charges against drunk drivers in the aftermaths of car accidents. Such collisions often result in serious injuries or death. If a motorist is convicted in criminal court, the penalties may include time behind bars and/or substantial monetary fines. Similarly, a spouse, parent or adult child of a deceased accident victim may pursue a monetary judgment against that motorist for damages they have sustained.

Police dog hunts for driver after alleged wrongful death incident

A motor vehicle collision involving a minivan occurred recently in Alaska. The accident did not involve any other vehicles but did result in a fatality plus injuries to several others. The man reportedly behind the wheel at the time of the alleged wrongful death accident is said to have fled the area on foot.

The minivan that crashed did not have any rear seats inside. Multiple passengers were riding in the van when it crashed. It was just after 1 a.m. when the allegedly speeding vehicle began to flip and roll over several times before coming to a halt in a nearby parking lot.

Alaska motorist suspected of DUI and wrongful death

A man was recently arrested after police received a call reporting an apparent drunk driver. The situation that unfolded resulted in multiple charges being filed against the Alaska motorist. Police initially thought they were responding to a fatal DUI collision, but they have since stated that they believe the suspected wrongful death may have actually occurred before the car crashed.

Apparently, the suspected drunk driver smashed his vehicle into a light pole. When responding police officers began to investigate the situation, the discovered a deceased female passenger in the man's car. They assumed she had died upon impact in the collision.

Pursuing justice against drunk drivers in Alaska

Statistics abound that substantiate the dangers of drinking alcohol then getting behind the wheel of a car to navigate busy Alaska roadways. Drunk drivers cause many serious accidents in the state and throughout the nation. In addition to the emotional trauma associated with being injured or losing a loved one in a motor vehicle crash, injured victims or grieving families may also feel angry and frustrated, knowing that an accident could have been avoided.

Travelers are often at risk due to reckless decisions made by those who drink and drive. Although filing personal injury claims can not erase physical suffering, nor replace the loss of loved ones, they do often lead to monetary judgments against those deemed responsible for collisions. Successful litigation can at least provide compensation that can be used to help cover costs associated with a drunk driving accident.

State outside Alaska awards largest court in wrongful death case

Many parents in Alaska are among others throughout the nation that entrust the care of their children to professionals in day care facilities. State laws governing such issues vary. A recent tragedy occurred in one state that led to parents filing a wrongful death claim after the tragic loss of their 7-month-old son.

Apparently, in the state where the family resides, the law prohibits any swaddling or wrapping a child snugly during nap time. This seems to be what occurred when the couple's infant was put down for his nap on the day of his death. At some point, after being swaddled and put to sleep, he was found unresponsive and face down. An autopsy determined that the child had suffocated.

Wrongful death claim possible after tragic fatal accident

Alaska readers may be aware of the tragic accident that recently claimed the life of actor Anton Yelchin, known for his role in the Star Trek movies. The actor was found dead at his home after his vehicle, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, pinned him against his fence. That particular model vehicle is currently under recall, and the circumstances of the fatal incident could be grounds for a wrongful death claim.

Fiat Chrysler has recalled over a million vehicles due to problems with the gearshift, which is called the monostable shifter. The way that it is designed could be confusing for some drivers, who may think that the vehicle is in park when it is actually still in drive. This problem prompted a mass recall, and it may be to blame for many accidents, injuries and property damage across the country.

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