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FAA officially orders certain seats removed from smaller planes

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a proposed action last year to remove a certain type of seat from smaller, regional jets. The reason is that the seats have a defect that can turn an otherwise survivable crash into a tragedy. The agency has just announced it has made that action final.

According to the Associated Press, the seats slide forward in their tracks during crash landings, causing the passenger to strike their head or chin on the tray table of the seat in front of them. This could cause a head or brain injury, or even death.

Drunk driver critically injures bicyclist near Seward Highway

A woman is facing drunk driving charges after she crashed into a bicyclist near Seward Highway on May 15. The accident resulted in severe injuries for the bicyclist. While the driver has been charged with drunk driving and assault, the cyclist was riding against traffic, which is against the law and unsafe.

Riding your bike can be fun and freeing, but as this recent accident proves, there are real risks involved. Increase your odds of avoiding accidents like this by following these bicycle safety tips.

Research: Pedestrian deaths up, especially among poor, minorities

"There are a number of these urban boulevards that were designed in the '50s and things were different then. Everyone was in a car," says a spokesperson for the Federal Highway Administration. "Over the last 30 years there has been a change in that, with more people walking and running."

That may be why pedestrian deaths are on the rise even though other traffic fatalities have dropped by around 18 percent since 2006. Fatal pedestrian accidents have been on the rise -- growing 12 percent between 2006 and 2015. Then, 2016 numbers hit, showing a jump of 11 percent in 2016 over 2015. A recent study by the Governor's Highway Safety Association brought these alarming trends to light, but doesn't explain the underlying cause.

Over 1.25 million Ram pickups recalled for bad software code

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV has announced a recall of 1.02 million Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks in the U.S. and 259,205 elsewhere. The reason? If an affected vehicle gets into a specific, rare type of collision, bad code could disable the side air bags and seatbelt pretensioners, making the crash much more dangerous.

The recall is being issued proactively after the automaker received reports of at least two collisions involving the defect -- one with injuries and another involving a fatality. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has also received similar reports and has been investigating the issue since December, so it's not quite fair to call this voluntary.

Surfers blame Rip Curl for dangerous boat, incompetent crew

It was a two-week outing on a charter boat with broken bilge pumps, no working emergency equipment and an incompetent captain. According to eight top surfers, a $30,000 trip with Rip Curl surf clothing went dangerously wrong. When the ship went down, they were left drifting for hours in the Indian Ocean while the captain abandoned them.

It was supposed to be "the surfing adventure of a lifetime," but this was more adventure than even top surfers were looking for. The three Australians and five Californians are suing Rip Curl and its company principals, as well as the charter boat's owner, PT Neptune Adventures -- which they claim may be a sham. The lawsuit says PT Neptune Adventures' offices were in the same building as Rip Curl.

NTSB releases final cause of 2015 fatal crash in southeast Alaska

The National Transportation Safety Board has released its final determination of what caused a de Havilland DHC-3 Otter carrying cruise ship passengers crashed on June 25, 2015. The plane went down about 24 miles from Ketchikan, killing the pilot and eight passengers.

The NTSB determined that pilot error, the company culture at the firm that operated the flight, and the lack of any formal safety program all contributed to the crash.

What to do if you get a personal injury as a tourist in Alaska

When you are on vacation in Alaska, the last things on your mind are accidents and injuries. You are too busy taking in the beautiful landscapes and enjoying the adventurous attractions during your visit to the largest U.S. state.

But getting hurt on vacation is a real risk, especially in a place where there are many outdoor dangers, such as wild animals and rough terrain. Recreational activities, small planes and cruise ships can also be more dangerous than you may expect. If you suffer a personal injury while touring the area, this is what you need to know:

What are your rights on an oversold flight?

Flights being oversold is simply reality in the airline business. Because a certain number of passengers don't show up at boarding time, airlines calculate their percentage and oversell tickets to protect their bottom line. As we all know, they sometimes oversell too much.

We've all experienced being bumped from a flight. If we're lucky, we've experienced an upgrade due to overselling. What we all hope we never experience is the rough de-planing of a United Airlines passenger earlier this month. He was not denied a seat but forcibly removed from the plane after being seated. He has now filed a personal injury lawsuit after suffering a broken nose and two lost teeth.

MAIB urges better protection for Clipper Round the World racers

"The Clipper Round the World Race is an adventurous activity; operating with largely amateur and some novice crews, the yachts are often required to operate in some of the most hostile weather and sea conditions on earth," said Captain Steven Clinch, chief inspector of marine accidents for Britain's Marine Accident Investigation Branch.

"However, in such circumstances, there is a practical limit to how the safety of crews can be monitored and therefore, much reliance is placed on the expertise and judgement of each boat's skipper to ensure a strong safety culture is followed by everyone on board. This places a huge responsibility on one person, given the enduring challenges presented during the Clipper Round the World Race."

Do American Airlines' uniforms pose a serious flight hazard?

American didn't get quite the reaction it was hoping for when it rolled out its new look last September. Instead of applause for their new, snappy-gray flight attendant uniforms, the reaction was ... a reaction. Wearers report itching, rashes, hives, respiratory issues and even migraines and thyroid problems.

These problems may seem relatively minor and temporary, but they might not be. One flight attendant interviewed by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Sky Talk blog needed more than an antihistamine. After wearing the uniform just twice, with a wash in between, she needed a prednizone pack and a steroid shot and was given an EpiPen to keep handy. Worse yet, others have reported that just working with others wearing the new uniforms can set off a reaction. In other words, a flight attendant's scratchy uniform could potentially set off a reaction among the flight crew.

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