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Alaska motorist suspected of DUI and wrongful death

A man was recently arrested after police received a call reporting an apparent drunk driver. The situation that unfolded resulted in multiple charges being filed against the Alaska motorist. Police initially thought they were responding to a fatal DUI collision, but they have since stated that they believe the suspected wrongful death may have actually occurred before the car crashed.

Apparently, the suspected drunk driver smashed his vehicle into a light pole. When responding police officers began to investigate the situation, the discovered a deceased female passenger in the man's car. They assumed she had died upon impact in the collision.

Pursuing justice against drunk drivers in Alaska

Statistics abound that substantiate the dangers of drinking alcohol then getting behind the wheel of a car to navigate busy Alaska roadways. Drunk drivers cause many serious accidents in the state and throughout the nation. In addition to the emotional trauma associated with being injured or losing a loved one in a motor vehicle crash, injured victims or grieving families may also feel angry and frustrated, knowing that an accident could have been avoided.

Travelers are often at risk due to reckless decisions made by those who drink and drive. Although filing personal injury claims can not erase physical suffering, nor replace the loss of loved ones, they do often lead to monetary judgments against those deemed responsible for collisions. Successful litigation can at least provide compensation that can be used to help cover costs associated with a drunk driving accident.

State outside Alaska awards largest court in wrongful death case

Many parents in Alaska are among others throughout the nation that entrust the care of their children to professionals in day care facilities. State laws governing such issues vary. A recent tragedy occurred in one state that led to parents filing a wrongful death claim after the tragic loss of their 7-month-old son.

Apparently, in the state where the family resides, the law prohibits any swaddling or wrapping a child snugly during nap time. This seems to be what occurred when the couple's infant was put down for his nap on the day of his death. At some point, after being swaddled and put to sleep, he was found unresponsive and face down. An autopsy determined that the child had suffocated.

Wrongful death claim possible after tragic fatal accident

Alaska readers may be aware of the tragic accident that recently claimed the life of actor Anton Yelchin, known for his role in the Star Trek movies. The actor was found dead at his home after his vehicle, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, pinned him against his fence. That particular model vehicle is currently under recall, and the circumstances of the fatal incident could be grounds for a wrongful death claim.

Fiat Chrysler has recalled over a million vehicles due to problems with the gearshift, which is called the monostable shifter. The way that it is designed could be confusing for some drivers, who may think that the vehicle is in park when it is actually still in drive. This problem prompted a mass recall, and it may be to blame for many accidents, injuries and property damage across the country.

Questions remain after aviation accident in Alaska

One can only imagine the frustration a family feels when hearing that there are no answers to their questions as to how their loved one died in a plane crash. An aviation accident often results in multiple deaths or catastrophic injuries. Investigators often work for months, or even years, in order to determine the cause of a fatal plane accident. After one such accident in Alaska, it seems that many questions remain.

Flight 293 is now a rather famous flight since questions regarding its downfall have gone unanswered for more than 50 years. It carried more than 100 people as it left an Air Force base. Sadly, it never arrived at the base in Alaska that was its destination.

Tractor-trailer sails through median in Alaska car accident

Alaska roadways are often cluttered with traffic. In a perfect world, every driver would act with caution behind the wheel and adhere to all traffic regulations meant to keep themselves and others safe while sharing the road. Obviously, this is not the case, and often, a car accident occurs because of negligent driving. Such an accident may result in serious injuries, leaving a recovering victim to face tremendous financial debt.

Recently, a 43-year-old man was operating a tractor-trailer when an accident occurred. It was almost 3:30 p.m. when, for some unknown reason, the massive truck veered out of its lane, crashing through a nearby median. Several motor vehicles were apparently able to avoid collisions by swerving out of the truck's path.

Seeking justice after loss of a loved one in Alaska

It is difficult to fathom the shock and horror associated with learning that a family member has suffered an unexpected death. Those who have suffered the loss of a loved one in Alaska may relate to the grief endured by families in similar circumstances. When a death was caused by an act of violent crime,  sorrow may be accompanied by anger and a strong desire for justice.

A recent tragedy occurred that involved a man who is well known in his  community. Apparently, he is a former lawmaker from another state. There has been speculation that the man has struggled with alcohol addiction in the past. In fact, when he was married, he was accused of domestic violence when his wife at the time called for help after reportedly being beaten by her husband. The husband then locked himself in a room with their children, which ultimately led to his arrest.

Aviation accident numbers apparently on the rise in Alaska.

Soaring through the wide blue yonder of Alaska is an experience sought by many aviation enthusiasts and tourists. Logic would suggest, however, that the more planes there are in the sky, the higher chances become for an aviation accident to occur. The Federal Aviation Administration recently weighed in on the topic, issuing a warning to Alaska air operators.

There has been a reported increase of air accidents over the past year throughout the state. The FAA has turned to more than 200 pilots in Alaska, asking for help to address current safety issues. There were reportedly at least 24 deaths and serious injuries to pilots and passengers associated with accidents by Part 135 operations in the past 12 months.

Seeking justice after the loss of a loved one in Alaska

There is not much one can imagine as being more difficult than learning that a beloved family member has been killed in an act of violence in Alaska, or through a motor vehicle collision. When the loss of a loved one has taken place because of another person's negligent or wrongful actions, it is only right that family members are provided with a legal means to seek justice on behalf of the decedent. Although no amount of litigation can replace a human life, filing a wrongful death claim often leads to compensation that can help a grieving family offset many expenses incurred after a tragedy of this magnitude.

The Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider A Professional Corporation provides effective legal assistance to those whose lives have been turned upside down in the aftermath of a loved one's death. In many circumstances, there are criminal charges filed aside from any litigation taking place in a civil court. The evidence presented by the prosecution in such trials can often be used to help substantiate a civil claim.

Serious car accident injuries often connected to cell phone use

Alaska is a major tourist spot. Every year, thousands of visitors travel to this expansive state in search of beauty, adventure and relaxation. Vacations that are interrupted by car accident injuries, however, are not likely to be ones that rank high in the cherished memories department. Often, such injuries occur in accidents caused by a negligent use of cell phones while driving.

In 2008, texting while driving became illegal in Alaska. On a recent Tuesday night, that ban was extended to include any hand-held use of a cell phone. The maximum penalty for a first time offense is $10,000. This is reportedly the highest cell phone-related driving offense fine in the nation. 

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