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Truck cargo spills are no laughing matter for victims

When we read about truck cargo spills in the news, it is often in a slightly amusing context. This is because the cargo itself may present an opportunity for some jokes about motor vehicle safety. As this article on cargo spills illustrates, spilled beer can invite drinking and driving puns; ice cream spills lead to rocky road puns; a shipment of mackerel that spilled can be referred to as "a fishy situation."

However, oftentimes, cargo spills are anything but funny. To begin with, spills typically stem from truck crashes, which have the potential to be catastrophic due to a truck's size and weight. Further, the cargo itself can present a serious risk to the safety of people in the area.

Does the Jones Act apply to your injury claim?

Making your living out on the open water comes with many hazards, but choppy seas and bad weather aren't the only risks. When the company that owns the vessel you work on fails to maintain or operate it properly, you might sustain serious injuries that permanently threaten your livelihood.

Understanding how the Jones Act works might make it easier to recover without having to foot the bill all by yourself.

Confirming cause of car crash is crucial

Imagine you are driving down the road when suddenly, the door flies off the hinges of the car in front of you. The door smashes into your windshield and you crash your car after trying to swerve out of the way. 

The other driver and his or her insurance company might call an incident like this a fluke, or something that could never have been prevented. While this might be true in some cases, it isn't always the case. Just ask the manufacturers of Nissan Altimas.

Tips for protecting yourself from ATV accident injuries

All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are used year-round in Alaska for work, recreational activity and transportation. In fact, the state may have one of the highest statistics for per-capita use in the country. Unfortunately, injuries and even fatalities can be common with ATVs, for both children and adults.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a total of 3,360 ATV fatalities have occurred in the United States from 2004 to 2013. Only 12 percent of drivers and passengers killed were wearing helmets and 39 percent were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Additionally, according to the Consumer Product Safety Division, 93,700 non-fatal injuries were caused by ATV accidents in 2014.

Passengers suing cruise line for bus accident injuries

Cruise lines typically market themselves as luxury voyages that deliver amazing experiences all on one ship, And whether the ships sail around Alaska or tropical islands, cruise lines promise to deliver pleasure and enjoyment for all passengers.

Unfortunately, cruises can take a painful turn in the event that a passenger is injured, which can easily happen, considering all the amenities and activities offered on cruise ships. Oftentimes, the cruise line can be held liable for injuries suffered on the ship. In fact, there may even be cases made for a cruise line being liable for injuries suffered on land as well.

Tanker trucks can pose serious threat to Alaska motorists

Alaskans are probably quite familiar with the sight of tanker trucks on the roads. These massive vehicles travel across the state carrying fuel and other types of liquefied cargo. In many cases, these trucks arrive safely at their destination, as do all the other motorists sharing the road.

Sadly, this doesn't always happen. As is the case with any commercial vehicle, tanker trucks are at risk for tipping when operators lose control of them. If and when this happens, the consequences can be catastrophic.

What if you're partly at fault for the accident?

You were accidentally injured, and all you want to do is heal, but your sincere desire to recover won't magically pay your medical bills. While you have a good idea about whom you should take to court over the damages, that other party is just as likely to shift the blame onto you.

Fortunately, this may not stop you from filing a successful personal injury claim in Alaska.

Moose and traffic: A deadly combination

As every Alaska driver knows, it's best not to cross paths with a moose when you're barreling down the highway at 50-plus mph. The majestic thousand-pound animals can crumple a car like a tin can.

Alaska is the moose collision capital of the nation. Our state has some of the highest moose-vehicle accident rates in the world. Between 2000 and 2012, there were almost 10,000 collisions statewide. Many occurred in three hotspots: Mat-Su, Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula.

Study may show how to reduce collisions

Possible wrongful death situation after head-on collision

Alaska roads are not much different than others across the nation that are often the scenes of horrific car accidents. A recent incident occurred on one road that resulted in a single fatality. Similar situations in the past have led to wrongful death claims being filed in civil courts.

Both of the vehicles involved in the recent tragedy were pickup trucks. One was headed northbound on the road while the other was traveling in a southbound direction. At some point, the two vehicles smashed into each other at the center line of traffic.

Drunk drivers: They are true menaces to Alaska roadways

Alaska is known for its vast expanses and beautiful scenery, visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. However, towns in this state are not unlike many others throughout the nation where drunk drivers and other negligent motorists wreak havoc upon the roads, often causing serious injuries or fatalities. When someone is injured in an accident caused by an intoxicated driver, it is understandable that person would want to seek justice by filing a personal injury claim in a civil court.

One can only imagine the grief associated with learning that a spouse or other loved one has suffered an untimely death in an automobile accident caused by someone who made the decision to drink and drive. In addition to the tremendous sorrow of such situations, families are often quite unprepared to meet financial debt that is often accrued in the aftermaths of such tragedies. One way to get help in offsetting such costs is to seek a monetary judgment against the party deemed responsible for the accident.

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