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What is a pilot's standard of care to passengers?

Pilots who operate aircraft owe a duty of care to passengers aboard their planes. A breach of the duty owed, which causes injury, may make a pilot and even an airline legally responsible, or liable, for injuries and damages to persons and property. As with other professions, however, the particular duty owed and the kind of breach that may occur is specific to airline pilots and their professional responsibilities.

In general, it is expected that pilots will have been subject to education and professional training sufficient to qualify them to operate their aircraft. Each particular airline pilot is held to that minimum standard of care applicable to all airline pilots. In order to understand that standard, one can look to the affirmations and commitments generally acceptable within the profession for guidance.

Why should you keep your trucking log updated?

Alaskan truck drivers are all required by federal law to keep a logbook while they're actively on duty. Though this isn't heavily enforced, it would still be greatly beneficial to you to keep up good habits by updating your logbook daily anyway.

The Balance states that logbooks are there to protect truck drivers like you. It's a way to keep track of where you go, what times you make your deliveries, the routes you take, and so on. These books can be hugely beneficial to you if you ever get into an accident, because it will show your maintenance records, whether or not you were keeping to your scheduled hours, and so on. This limits the potential arsenal that another driver has to use against you in court.

Hazards from recreational activities in Alaska

There is no question that Alaska holds a certain beauty you cannot find anywhere else, drawing in tourists every year to experience the natural landscapes and outdoor recreation. While these activities bring fun and fulfillment, they also come with risks.

Whether you are new to the state as a visitor or resident, be aware of these local hazards to avoid a traumatic accident and recognize when you can file a personal injury lawsuit.

What should others know about motorcycles?

Unfortunately, Alaskan motorcyclists are often put into a situation where other people, especially juries, do not understand how motorcycles work. This can skew court cases against them. At the Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider, we provide you with the knowledge you need to predict and resolve any questions or wrongful assumptions that may be held.

One primary issue motorcyclists have is the potential assumption that the party with the more severe injury is the one at fault. This isn't the case for motorcyclists like you. Because your vehicle doesn't offer you the same protection as a car or truck, you'll often end up with the worst of the injuries even if you were not responsible for the accident.

A look at the 2016 maritime accidents

The National Transportation Safety Board has published it’s Safer Seas Digest for 2016, which details several maritime accidents that occurred in various locations throughout the world. Two of these occurred in Alaska. The NTSB provides a list of “lessons learned” in order to assist mariners in the prevention of accidents in the future and the reduction of risk.

In order to ensure safety on the seas, mariners must avoid being on duty while overly fatigued or medicated. Fatigue is the cause of most accidents in all kinds of transportation and travel by sea is no exception. The NTSB advises mariners to find other mariners to cover their shifts if they are fatigued. Mariners should consult physicians regarding the appropriate use of medication while on duty. Some medications may preclude service on certain vessels.

Avoid distracted driving to avoid serious accidents

You may be careful never to drink and drive, but are you aware of other unsafe actions you might take on the road? Distracted driving is becoming a growing concern across the nation.

While distraction in general has always presented a risk for drivers, the rise of smartphones offers an additional, potent source of ever-present interruption. In a statement from the end of 2016, Alaskan state officials cited technology-based distraction as a factor in the sharp rise in the state's traffic fatalities.

Autonomous vehicle safety features targeted for 2019

Alaska residents who have been watching reports about the ongoing development of self-driving vehicles are likely to wonder just how these vehicles will keep people safer. When searching for details about the alleged safety benefits of autonomous cars, learning about some of the technologies used can be helpful.

One technology that is going to be used by at least one automotive parts manufacturer is called LiDAR. This is a mean by which a three-dimensional map can be obtained and delivered to other autonomous vehicle components. The other elements can then make the necessary driving decisions. LiDAR mapping can identify when objects are in a vehicle's path of travel and allow the computer the ability to avoid hitting them.

Can anyone sue for wrongful death?

Immediately after losing a loved one unexpectedly in Anchorage, you will likely be left to deal with a number of questions. The most important of these may be surrounding the circumstances in which he or she died. If foul play or negligence appear to be involved, the issue of a wrongful death lawsuit suddenly arises. While such action may be viewed as a means to hold the responsible parties accountable, it also may be borne out of the necessity to deal with the expenses of your loved one's death. 

Yet can anyone bring such action? Not according to Alaska state law. In Section 09.55.580 of the state's Code of Civil Procedure, it says that only the personal representative of your loved one's estate can bring a wrongful death lawsuit on his or her behalf. When determining what to include in a judgment for wrongful death, the court or jury hearing the case will consider the direct pecuniary (financial) losses incurred with one's death, such as medical and funeral expenses or the amount he or she would have contributed as income throughout his or her anticipated career. It can also consider the following non-financial damages: 

  • The loss of assistance or services your loved may have provided to his or her beneficiaries 
  • The loss of consortium you (or another who is the decedent's spouse) experience 
  • The loss of contributions for support your loved one provided 
  • The loss of training and education your loved one might have provided to beneficiaries

SUV driver hits motor home head on, kills one

While many regions in the country struggle with overly congested roads and a reputation for aggressive and unsafe drivers, Alaska is not generally regarded a place full of busy highways and reckless drivers. That, however does not mean that there are not serious motor vehicle accidents that happen in Alaska. It also does not mean that these accidents cannot be caused by the negligence of some drivers. Sadly, such realities abound regardless of traffic volume or location.

An example can be seen in the recent death of a man who was only 31 years old in a crash that happened early on a Saturday evening near the Denali Borough of Fairbanks. Few details are known about what may have precipitated the wreck but the man drove his sport utility vehicle directly into a motor home in the oncoming lane of traffic. The impact of the collision left both the SUV and the motor home so damaged that reports indicate they are totalled.

The most common causes of aviation accidents

While most people in Alaska are afraid of being involved in an airplane accident, the most common reasons for these incidents are not well understood. Terrorism and unsafe aircraft are increasingly suspected, but planes are more often brought down for other reasons. We at the Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider have detailed the most common reasons for aviation accidents.


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