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In Alaska's extreme conditions, pilot negligence can be deadly

Some people call Alaska the last frontier of the United States. Due to this fact, small airplanes and helicopters are often used to transport people to remote locations or to provide tourists with a unique view of the state's beauty. However, the extreme terrain and unpredictable weather conditions can be unforgiving, and if pilots fail to account for these hazards, the results can be catastrophic. Pilot negligence can be deadly. 

Here in Alaska, many plane and helicopter crashes are the result of a pilot deciding to fly despite adverse conditions under which the plane, the pilot or both are unable to perform properly. For example, a pilot may not be able to control an aircraft that is being tossed around due to extreme turbulence. Pilots are duty bound not to fly in dangerous weather conditions.

Sometimes, however, a pilot -- and/or a pilot's employer -- decides to take the risk and make "one more run," even though it may mean breaching his or her duty to keep passengers safe. In other crashes, pilots without adequate training and flight time make errors that cost people their lives. Unlike car accidents, it is far less likely to walk away from a plane or helicopter crash. Serious or fatal injuries are common.

If you survived a plane or helicopter crash, but suffered serious injuries, or  if you lost a loved one in such an accident, you may be able to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim in a civil court in Alaska. In many cases, it is not only pilot negligence that led to the crash. Other parties -- such as employers, manufacturers and aircraft mechanics -- may be at least partly responsible. You need someone advocating on your behalf who understands the complexities of aircraft crashes and will aggressively pursue your rights.

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