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Pedestrian deaths saw a worrisome rise

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When two vehicles crash into one another, both drivers and passengers could suffer injuries. Hopefully, airbags and seat belts will reduce the potential harm. Pedestrians walking near Alaska roads have no such protective features available, and they could suffer terrible injuries, even fatalities, after a minor accident.

Pedestrian fatalities seem to be on the rise

Recent statistics point to 2019 as the year reflecting possibly the highest number of pedestrian fatalities in 30 years. Walking along the side of a road comes with risks, as drivers may become distracted or lose control of a vehicle due to a mechanical problem. Driveways present problems, as someone pulling out onto the street might do so too fast and without looking.

Research does point out that pedestrians may bear the blame for some accidents. In 2018, many intoxicated pedestrians between ages 45 and 64 died in vehicle-related incidents. Someone under the influence may suffer from perception and reaction deficiencies that put them in great danger when near moving vehicles.

That said, a pedestrian’s intoxication does not excuse a driver’s negligent behavior. A speeding driver may share some blame for an accident. A driver’s negligence may take other forms as well.

Negligence and pedestrian fatalities

The aftermath of any fatal accident will involve an investigation into the cause of death. Such an investigation also seeks to determine who is responsible, and criminal charges may follow. A drunk driver would surely face serious charges for killing someone in an accident. Even non-fatal motor vehicle accidents could end with someone suffering great harm, and a civil suit might follow.

An insurance claim might help a victim cover medical expenses and other losses. Such claims may require effective negotiation skills to arrive at a reasonable settlement.