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Personal injury cases: Aviation accidents vs. incidents

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2022 | Aviation Accidents

Several factors affect the outcome of aviation personal injury cases. The first step is defining if the event that occurred was really an accident or not. Even a small mistake can undermine the results of your legal case. There are several, major differences between aviation accidents and incidents in Alaska.

Accident vs. incident

An aircraft accident is a death or serious injury that occurs during the active operation of an aircraft that also causes significant damage to the craft.

An incident is not the same as an accident because there is no flight that occurs, but the aircraft is being operated. An example is a run-in with another vehicle that occurs on the runway. This incident could put a dent in the engine that causes an accident after the plane takes off. An incident often forms the basis of a serious problem that leads to a serious accident.

Crash investigations

Investigators of flight accidents need to determine if what occurred was an accident or an incident. Aviation accidents often require the detailed steps of a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) or Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) investigation. An engine failure is usually a straightforward case. However, if one or more passengers die because of the engine failure, a more thorough investigation is required.

The basics of aviation cases

People involved in aviation accidents often believe that they must deal with their personal trauma on their own. This is not true because vehicular accidents cause personal injuries that can be addressed in court. First, victims should understand how an aviation accident is defined by law.