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Drive safer on Alaska highways

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

One feature available on popular GPS systems allows users to avoid highways. High speeds, weather woes, and unpredictable drivers make traveling on Alaska highways worrisome for many drivers. Not everyone has the option of skipping highway travel. So, they might do the next best thing: figure out a way to drive safer.

Safer highway driving

An animal could jump out in front of a car, or a rock might fall off a cliff. Both incidents may cause serious harm to drivers and passengers, but such events are rare. Per a report from the Standford Law School, 90% of motor vehicle crashes happen due to driver error.

“Error” sometimes refers to highly negligent behavior, including speeding or ignoring other traffic laws. Anyone wishing to be a safer driver might wish to follow the law and avoid aggressive or dangerous driving.

Taking care of a vehicle would be helpful as well. A poorly maintained vehicle might prove dangerous to operate.

Even when someone follows the rules and drives a properly maintained vehicle, a crash might occur if the person ends up distracted. Using a smartphone or drinking coffee while driving could lead to devastating crashes. When driving, keep attention where it belongs.

Serious negligence behind the wheel

Anyone operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol does more than commit a mere error. The person is putting people’s lives at risk, but a substance abuse disorder might impair the person’s judgment. Regardless, expect the person to face severe consequences when involved in motor vehicle accidents.

Hopefully, all parties involved have adequate liability or uninsured motorist coverage. An insurance claim might cover losses after a crash, but a lawsuit may still be unavoidable.