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Understanding the 12 types of maritime accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Maritime Accidents

Maritime accidents could occur on any type of vessel at sea, on ships and at ports. There are 12 types of maritime accidents that are common in Alaska.

Offshore oil rigs

Oil spills are the most common offshore oil rig accidents. An oil rig that spills is likely to pollute a large portion of a waterway.

Cruise ships

Despite the significant advancements in maritime safety, cruise ship accidents occur every year. Many problems, from fires to slips and falls, can occur inside of the cruise vessel.

Commercial fishing

Commercial fishing requires the extensive use of professional equipment. The incorrect use or the use of defective equipment often leads to severe injuries or fatalities.


Tugboats are small but can host the same number of accidents as large cruise ships. Sometimes, tugboats collide with larger vessels.

Cargo tankers

Explosions can occur on cargo tankers that carry the most hazardous items. A small explosion may cause an extensive fire that destroys half of the vessel.

Ship grounding

Ship grounding often damages the ship’s hull as it scrapes along the seabed. This can lead to other complications and injure maritime workers.

Workers’ negligence

The types of workers’ negligence vary significantly from excessive fatigue to being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Negligent workers can injure themselves and others.


Operating cranes on ports and ships is risky. Workers can be hit by falling objects and become disabled or lose their lives.


The worst maritime accidents happen on shipyards where the vessels are being built and repaired. It’s easy for workers to be injured by the equipment on these sites.

Diving support vessels

A diving support craft could break down and plunge the divers hundreds of feet into the water. The crew members need proper training to maneuver the equipment safely.


Accidents on barges are often caused by inexperienced workers. Faulty equipment can also be the culprit.

Cargo hauling

Cargo hauling accidents affect cargo haulers who move freight. Their injuries can vary from amputations to traumatic brain injuries.

Staying safe on land and at sea

Maritime accidents can occur in any work site. However, most mishaps are preventable if you know the different types of accidents that occur frequently and stay alert for potential hazards.