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Solutions to Alaska’s high rate of deadly air crashes

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Aviation Accidents

In Alaska, outdoor activities like hunting, fishing and flying are very popular. The widespread popularity of flying aircraft to travel short distances within the state has resulted in high rates of fatal crashes. The result has been a list of recommended solutions to address the rising incidents.

Increasing rates of fatal plane crashes

Small aircraft experience the highest rates of deadly crashes than larger commercial aircraft. These fatalities are particularly high in Alaska and have increased in that state more than in many other states. The number of fatal air crashes in Alaska are 42% of all crashes in 2016.

One reason for the increasing rates in Alaska is the lack of oversight by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Residents claim that the FAA has not investigated enough aviation accidents or reviewed the state’s aviation safety procedures. They claim that the FAA has too many responsibilities of making air travel safer for the entire country and in individual states.

Solutions to increase safety

A few solutions are being recommended to reduce the rates of deadly small airplane crashes. Aviation safety experts claim that providing real-time weather information to pilots, recommending the use of built-in collision avoidance technology and training pilots to use technology during their flights.

Responses to Alaska’s aviation problem

Flying in small planes is a unique method of transportation in Alaska. This is a place where people live in small, isolated communities that are surrounded by miles of wilderness. The increased use of personal aircraft means higher-than-usual rates of deadly aviation accidents. The public is now beginning to expose flaws in the system of reporting and monitoring aviation safety in Alaska.