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Why do so many small place accidents keep happening in Alaska?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Aviation Accidents

Alaska is a state known for its beautiful scenery. With that said, getting to certain areas of Alaska by driving isn’t always possible. That’s why many people and companies travel by air in this state. Unfortunately, recent data shows that Alaska can be a dangerous state for flying.

The data behind Alaska’s dangerous flying conditions

In the past decade, Alaska reported double-digit fatalities resulting from aviation accidents. In 2016, Alaska reported 5.4% of all plane crashes in the nation. This information is even more shocking when you learn that Alaska is home to only about 1% of this country’s population.

Dangerous winter weather

Even people who don’t live in Alaska know that snow covers most of this state. Unfortunately, this type of weather has been known to cause many plane crashes. Making matters worse, Alaska has many mountain ranges that can create complicated weather patterns.

A lack of funds and technology

Harsh weather isn’t the only problem pilots in Alaska must worry about. Due to budgetary or location-related issues, many parts of this state don’t have access to weather monitoring tools the rest of the country has. This situation is so bad that the Federal Aviation Administration exempted Alaska from other states’ more expensive safety requirements.

Unfortunately, it’s often hard for pilots to access broadcast systems to stay safe since they’re so expensive. It’s not uncommon for these broadcast systems to cost thousands of dollars.

In closing, there’s a growing concern throughout Alaska regarding plane accidents and how this state’s pilots can remain safe. Currently, there’s a sizeable push coming from this state’s residents and lawmakers for Alaska to obtain more funding for safer flights.