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Cruise lines and personal injury lawsuits

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | Maritime Accidents

Anyone who books a vacation on a cruise ship likely has reasonable expectations of personal safety. The crew and management of the cruise line must follow acceptable standards of care from the departure and arrival points. Unfortunately, some passengers visiting Alaska might suffer harm. Filing a personal injury lawsuit might be the only way they to recover compensation.

Injuries and cruise ship trips

Many examples of liability for injuries on cruise lines are similar to those associated with premises liability. Someone who slips and falls on the deck or inside the ship’s dining area may have a negligence claim if the cruise line is at fault. Not addressing water on a slippery deck or fixing a broken railing could leave the cruise line responsible for any injuries.

Additionally, managers and employees on the cruise line could make mistakes that open them to lawsuits. For example, not following through with reasonable requests to accommodate someone with a disability may create legal jeopardies if the person gets hurt.

A key element of personal injury cases centers on liability. The cruise line must be responsible in some manner for the harm for a victim to make a credible claim against it. If a third party, such as another guest, is at fault, the guest may be liable. Even so, when the cruise line is negligent in any way, it may face a partial claim.

Further points about liability claims

Negligence may take other forms, including not addressing problems with an unruly or intoxicated passenger. If someone drinks too much and becomes belligerent, the cruise line security team should respond to reasonable requests to control the situation. However, if security does something that leads to a guest getting injured, that might result in a personal injury liability claim.

Cruise lines likely carry commercial liability insurance. Those hurt on a cruise ship may be able to file an insurance claim. If the insurance policy does not cover the particular situation, a lawsuit may resolve the matter.