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Older cars and driving safety

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Not all car owners wish to drive the latest model, nor do they worry about taking advantage of all the newest features. Owning an older car could save people money, but aging vehicles on Alaska roads come with concerns. An older vehicle may suffer maintenance issues due to wear and tear, and the car could lack valuable modern safety features. Such factors and others might increase the risks of a collision.

Older vehicles and accidents

A reckless driver could cause a collision even when driving a vehicle with advanced safety features. However, a careful driver could be disadvantaged when a car does not have cross-traffic alerts, rear-view cameras, antilock brakes, and other helpful features. Still, a driver might need to travel in an older car due to budgetary concerns.

Many teenagers may drive an older model because it fits their budget. Teenagers also lack experience driving, so losing access to helpful safety features could lead to trouble. These drivers may worry less about committing moving violations and embrace certain distractions, increasing accident risks.

Senior drivers might choose to keep a vehicle that lacks modern benefits. Sometimes, age factors into troubles with driving safely, and a vehicle without safety technology may deny the driver assistance. An older person may suffer from slow reactions, and those taking certain medications might feel drowsy or suffer from distractions. So, tech assistance may be helpful when hoping to reduce motor vehicle accidents.

Negligence and auto accidents

It is worth noting that relying too much on modern safety technology has drawbacks. Ultimately, a driver must pay attention to the road and follow safe driving principles. Relying solely on a lane change alert and not looking before moving into another lane is negligent behavior.