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Safe helicopter landing tips

Alaskan helicopter pilots may one day face a situation in which the engine stalls or cuts out completely. Fortunately, there are failsafes in place to keep the plane from plummeting to the ground once the engine stops working.

What is a pilot's standard of care to passengers?

Pilots who operate aircraft owe a duty of care to passengers aboard their planes. A breach of the duty owed, which causes injury, may make a pilot and even an airline legally responsible, or liable, for injuries and damages to persons and property. As with other professions, however, the particular duty owed and the kind of breach that may occur is specific to airline pilots and their professional responsibilities.

The most common causes of aviation accidents

While most people in Alaska are afraid of being involved in an airplane accident, the most common reasons for these incidents are not well understood. Terrorism and unsafe aircraft are increasingly suspected, but planes are more often brought down for other reasons. We at the Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider have detailed the most common reasons for aviation accidents.

How is an aviation accident's cause pinpointed?

When aviation accidents occur, people scramble to figure out what caused it. This is also true for those of you in Alaska, where weather can play a bigger role in potential crashes than it might in areas of the country with less volatile conditions. At the Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider, we wish to help you understand where the flying dangers come from in this state, and what they can lead to.

FAA officially orders certain seats removed from smaller planes

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a proposed action last year to remove a certain type of seat from smaller, regional jets. The reason is that the seats have a defect that can turn an otherwise survivable crash into a tragedy. The agency has just announced it has made that action final.

NTSB releases final cause of 2015 fatal crash in southeast Alaska

The National Transportation Safety Board has released its final determination of what caused a de Havilland DHC-3 Otter carrying cruise ship passengers crashed on June 25, 2015. The plane went down about 24 miles from Ketchikan, killing the pilot and eight passengers.

What are your rights on an oversold flight?

Flights being oversold is simply reality in the airline business. Because a certain number of passengers don't show up at boarding time, airlines calculate their percentage and oversell tickets to protect their bottom line. As we all know, they sometimes oversell too much.

Do American Airlines' uniforms pose a serious flight hazard?

American didn't get quite the reaction it was hoping for when it rolled out its new look last September. Instead of applause for their new, snappy-gray flight attendant uniforms, the reaction was ... a reaction. Wearers report itching, rashes, hives, respiratory issues and even migraines and thyroid problems.

New NTSB info debates pilot's reputation before deadly 2015 crash

It typically takes several years for the National Transportation Safety Board to make a final determination on what caused an aviation accident. Along the way, the agency often releases preliminary reports and other information it gleans, just as you would expect from a federal agency seeking transparency.

Simple miscommunication can lead to catastrophic plane crashes

Flying a plane takes great skill and concentration, even with all the advancements and features found in modern aircrafts. It is crucial that pilots are trained, alert and communicating clearly whenever they are flying.

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