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Can medication make a pilot unfit to fly?

A pilot needs to be in the best shape possible to navigate the Alaska skies. Sometimes, though, an Alaskan pilot may require medication to handle a certain ailment or condition. So the question is, how can medication affect a pilot's performance, and is a pilot under medication automatically disqualifed from flying? If you happen to be a pilot yourself, it is vital to pay attention to any medications that can hamper your performance in the sky and possibly endanger you and a passenger.

Keeping helicopter tours safe for tourists

When people visit Alaska, they may sometimes wish to take a helicopter tour. Some people may worry about how safe this activity is. According to Fox News, the number of helicopter accidents that occur each year has been steadily decreasing.

How common is human error in place crashes?

Because of Alaska’s sheer size, air travel may be a way of life for you and many other residents, but traveling by plane also involves inherent risks. Nowadays, the majority of plane crashes arise from four distinct circumstances, and these include weather conditions, mechanical failures, intentional actions and human errors.

The dangers of traveling by private plane

Traveling by small plane is a way of life for many Alaskans, but it can also be an inherently dangerous method of getting from one location to another. While the accident rates for commercial airline flights have improved over the last decade, the accident rate associated with smaller, private planes has risen considerably. At the Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider, a Professional Corporation, we understand the devastation that can occur when small planes crash, and we have helped many accident victims and their families seek appropriate recourse after plane crashes.

The facts on turbulence: one of airline travelers’ worst fears

Whether your upcoming flight is your first or your 101st, you might always feel a sense of anxiety once the bumping and jolting in the cabin kicks in at 40,000 feet. You would not be alone – many residents of Alaska and elsewhere are mildly afraid to downright terrified of airplane turbulence. At the Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider, A Professional Corporation, we understand how scary turbulence can be. Just how dangerous is turbulence, though?

Safe helicopter landing tips

Alaskan helicopter pilots may one day face a situation in which the engine stalls or cuts out completely. Fortunately, there are failsafes in place to keep the plane from plummeting to the ground once the engine stops working.

What is a pilot's standard of care to passengers?

Pilots who operate aircraft owe a duty of care to passengers aboard their planes. A breach of the duty owed, which causes injury, may make a pilot and even an airline legally responsible, or liable, for injuries and damages to persons and property. As with other professions, however, the particular duty owed and the kind of breach that may occur is specific to airline pilots and their professional responsibilities.

The most common causes of aviation accidents

While most people in Alaska are afraid of being involved in an airplane accident, the most common reasons for these incidents are not well understood. Terrorism and unsafe aircraft are increasingly suspected, but planes are more often brought down for other reasons. We at the Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider have detailed the most common reasons for aviation accidents.

How is an aviation accident's cause pinpointed?

When aviation accidents occur, people scramble to figure out what caused it. This is also true for those of you in Alaska, where weather can play a bigger role in potential crashes than it might in areas of the country with less volatile conditions. At the Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider, we wish to help you understand where the flying dangers come from in this state, and what they can lead to.

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