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Top causes of helicopter accidents

Taking a helicopter tour in Alaska is an exhilarating way to take in the beautiful views of the valleys, backcountry and glaciers. Unfortunately, these flightseeing tours do not always end with a sense of fulfillment and a collection of pictures to post online. Sometimes, they end in tragic accidents. 

A quick guide to recreational accidents and injuries

Anchorage is a great place to enjoy nature. With plenty of hiking, kayaking, skiing and snowboarding opportunities, you can have a lot of fun here. Unfortunately, sometimes these recreational activities result in injuries, turning a day outdoors into a hospital trip.

3 essential winter driving tips for first-time snow drivers

If this is your first winter in Anchorage after moving from a place where it does not snow, you may have some trouble navigating the roads. The slippery roads and reduced visibility that come with winter can give you some difficulties when you are simply trying to drive around. 

How does marijuana use affect driving ability?

While the dangers associated with drinking and driving are well documented and have been for some time, Alaska and several other states’ relatively recent legalization of recreational marijuana is raising new questions. Just how much does the use of marijuana impact one’s ability to drive, for example, and how much does that person's decision to use before getting behind the wheel endanger you and everyone else on the roadway?

Alaska’s CFIT plane crash problem

Riding in small planes is a way of life for many who live in Alaska, but your chances of crashing and suffering injury or death as a result are higher in a small plane than it is in a larger, commercial aircraft. While the number of small plane crashes across the state has declined somewhat in recent years, officials within the National Transportation Safety Board feel the number of small plane accidents still occurring in the state is far too high.

Answers to top 3 questions about rafting in Alaska

Rafting in Alaska is an exhilarating and breathtaking experience. The rivers are often fast, deep and cold, but they give you a unique way to take in the gorgeous views. However, if you do not prepare, you could end up in a dangerous situation and suffer a serious injury

Hazards from recreational activities in Alaska

There is no question that Alaska holds a certain beauty you cannot find anywhere else, drawing in tourists every year to experience the natural landscapes and outdoor recreation. While these activities bring fun and fulfillment, they also come with risks.

Alaska is home to some of the most dangerous jobs

If you ever turn on the TV and see dramatic reality shows chronicling the challenges people face in high-risk jobs, it might seem adventurous and even kind of fun. Of course, this is the allure of such shows, but such occupations are always dangerous, often injurious and sometimes deadly. Alaska is home to many of the jobs profiled on programs such as Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch.

Staying safe with dangerous outdoor activities in Alaska

Alaska is an outdoorsman’s paradise. It is unparalleled in beauty, and there is no shortage of opportunities to take in the splendor of nature. Whether you prefer to play in the water or face the challenge of a climb, you should be aware of the dangers such activities pose. While outdoor attractions in Alaska are alluring, they are also unsafe for adventurers who are not careful. According to the USDA Forest Service, there are several safety steps you should take before embarking on an

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