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Alaska car accident ends in multiple fatalities

A tragic incident occurred recently on a roadway in Alaska. A car accident involving more than one vehicle resulted in multiple fatalities. A thorough investigation was reportedly launched following the terrible collision. Preliminary results state that all those involved were wearing proper seat restraints at the time.

Tractor-trailer sails through median in Alaska car accident

Alaska roadways are often cluttered with traffic. In a perfect world, every driver would act with caution behind the wheel and adhere to all traffic regulations meant to keep themselves and others safe while sharing the road. Obviously, this is not the case, and often, a car accident occurs because of negligent driving. Such an accident may result in serious injuries, leaving a recovering victim to face tremendous financial debt.

Serious car accident injuries often connected to cell phone use

Alaska is a major tourist spot. Every year, thousands of visitors travel to this expansive state in search of beauty, adventure and relaxation. Vacations that are interrupted by car accident injuries, however, are not likely to be ones that rank high in the cherished memories department. Often, such injuries occur in accidents caused by a negligent use of cell phones while driving.

Dirtbike passenger seriously injured in Alaska car accident

Although most motorists are careful, accidents still occur on Alaskan roadways. When a car accident causes injury to a passenger, a recovering victim may be met with medical bills from ongoing treatment or other expenses related to a collision. Under such circumstances, a victim may seek reprieve by filing a claim in a civil court against any party deemed responsible for the collision.

A legal response to a car accident caused by negligence

Imagine you are driving along a roadway in Alaska and suddenly become involved a motor vehicle collision that is caused by another motorist's negligence. A car accident can result in severe injuries that not only cause you physical suffering but long-lasting financial strain as well. Medical bills, therapy fees, time off work and other challenges may present tremendous financial challenges that you may be unable to meet.

Car accident in Alaska re cars stopped for caribou

Accidents often occur because of drunk drivers or other negligence behind the wheel. In Alaska, other unique factors may pose obstacles to motorists on the highway. A recent car accident involved two vehicles and, apparently, a herd of caribou on the road.

Acting on behalf of a minor child after an Alaska car accident

No parent wants to face a situation where his or her child becomes seriously injured. Sadly, this is often the case when a car accident occurs. When parents learn that their child's injuries were caused by poorly designed car equipment, it is understandable that they would want to seek justice.  In Alaska and all other states, this can be done by filing a personal injury claim in a civil court.

Seeking accountability if car accident involves a fatality

Motorists involved in collisions sometimes have grounds for filing legal claims in the aftermath of a crash. When a car accident is caused by another driver and results in personal injury to a surviving victim, that victim can pursue restitution in a civil court in order to obtain compensation for damages. In Alaska and other states, there are experienced personal injury lawyers available to guide victims through that process.

Serious car accident injuries devastated an Alaska family

One can only imagine the shock and horror a parent experiences when receiving a voice mail message that says his or her child has been involved in an automobile crash. Some Alaska families are blessed when their children survive collisions; however, serious car accident injuries can changes their lives forever. One woman recently shared the ongoing challenges she faces in caring for her precious son in the aftermath of a tragic accident.

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