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Drunk driver critically injures bicyclist near Seward Highway

A woman is facing drunk driving charges after she crashed into a bicyclist near Seward Highway on May 15. The accident resulted in severe injuries for the bicyclist. While the driver has been charged with drunk driving and assault, the cyclist was riding against traffic, which is against the law and unsafe.

Drunk drivers: They are true menaces to Alaska roadways

Alaska is known for its vast expanses and beautiful scenery, visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. However, towns in this state are not unlike many others throughout the nation where drunk drivers and other negligent motorists wreak havoc upon the roads, often causing serious injuries or fatalities. When someone is injured in an accident caused by an intoxicated driver, it is understandable that person would want to seek justice by filing a personal injury claim in a civil court.

Many lives have been devastated by drunk drivers in Alaska

It is a criminal offense to operate a motor vehicle in Alaska with a blood alcohol level exceeding the legally accepted limit. Drunk drivers continue to be menaces on roadways throughout the United States. Such motorists often cause accidents, many of which result in fatalities.

Taking action against drunk drivers in Alaska

Learning that a loved one has been killed in a motor vehicle accident is obviously devastating. Family members are often left feeling helpless and confused about where to go for help when seeking justice against those who have caused their loved ones' deaths. Many accidents in Alaska are caused by drunk drivers; others are the result of drivers who are distracted or otherwise negligent. The surviving family members of deceased victims may have grounds to seek full financial accountability against wrongdoers in civil court.

Man charged in Alaska after apparent drunk driving accident

In the aftermath of some motor vehicle collisions, criminal charges may be filed if authorities determine there is cause to do so. One such incident recently occurred in Alaska, involving a 19-year-old man who now stands accused of several serious crimes after an apparent drunk driving accident. Sadly, there was one fatality in the crash.

Pursuing justice in Alaska after a drunk driving accident

One can only imagine the horror of learning that a loved one has been killed in a motor vehicle collision. When an incident is believed to have been a drunk driving accident, a grieving family's sorrow may be intensified, accompanied by a strong desire for justice. In Alaska and all other states, an immediate family member of a fatal accident victim may file a wrongful death claim in a civil court against any and all parties deemed responsible for a death.

Pursuing justice against drunk drivers in Alaska

Statistics abound that substantiate the dangers of drinking alcohol then getting behind the wheel of a car to navigate busy Alaska roadways. Drunk drivers cause many serious accidents in the state and throughout the nation. In addition to the emotional trauma associated with being injured or losing a loved one in a motor vehicle crash, injured victims or grieving families may also feel angry and frustrated, knowing that an accident could have been avoided.

Taking legal steps to hold drunk drivers accountable in Alaska

Families are often devastated when loved ones are injured because others chose to operate motor vehicles after drinking alcohol. Drunk drivers are menaces on Alaska roadways and often cause accidents that result in serious injuries or deaths. Those who survive their injuries may be left feeling angry and frustrated when struggling to recover from situations that most likely could have been prevented.

Toddler ejected upon impact in drunk driving accident in Alaska

A mother in Alaska who was driving a vehicle with her toddler riding as a passenger seems to have done everything she could to keep her little one safe during travel. Police say that the 1-year-old child was properly restrained in a car seat in the rear of the vehicle. The child's mother, nor the other drivers involved, had any way of knowing that they were about to become involved in a serious collision. The alleged drunk driving accident left at least seven people with injuries.

Drunk drivers continue to threaten safety of Alaska motorists

Alaska is known as one of the most beautiful locations in the United States. Many people visit to enjoy the outdoor adventures often mentioned and written about in tourist publications. Joyful vacations can quickly turn tragic when accidents caused by drunk drivers occur, resulting in serious injuries or death to innocent victims.

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