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Injuries sustained on cruise ships

When you go on a cruise in Alaska, you usually expect to have a good time, not sustain injuries. Some people are injured on cruise ships, though. At the Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider, we know that receiving compensation for these wounds can be more complicated than you may think.

A look at the 2016 maritime accidents

The National Transportation Safety Board has published it’s Safer Seas Digest for 2016, which details several maritime accidents that occurred in various locations throughout the world. Two of these occurred in Alaska. The NTSB provides a list of “lessons learned” in order to assist mariners in the prevention of accidents in the future and the reduction of risk.

What sort of accidents and injuries occur on boats?

Anyone who enters Alaska's waters opens themselves up to the possibility of being injured at sea. Some situations are certainly far more dangerous than others. For example, deep sea fishing vessels are much more likely to report back injuries or even fatalities than a cruise ship. However, due to the potential of injury in any situation, it's good to have Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider on your side.

What are common accidents on commercial fishing boats?

Alaskan fishers like you risk life and limb in order to make a living. At the Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider, we take a detailed look at the most common types of accidents you might face on any commercial fishing vessel so you can prepare yourself to combat these dangers in the future.

Common causes for boating accidents

Due to Alaska's location and some of its largest industries, boating is not an uncommon way to get around and many residents own boats. However, some people mistakenly think that it's less dangerous than driving, or forget that boats are vehicles with the potential to crash like anything else on land or in the air.

Report: Number of boating accidents around Alaska doubles

Alaskans are no strangers to boating, whether it is for a person's occupation or hobby. And for the most part, people understand the importance of being safe and observing boating regulations to avoid accidents.

Surfers blame Rip Curl for dangerous boat, incompetent crew

It was a two-week outing on a charter boat with broken bilge pumps, no working emergency equipment and an incompetent captain. According to eight top surfers, a $30,000 trip with Rip Curl surf clothing went dangerously wrong. When the ship went down, they were left drifting for hours in the Indian Ocean while the captain abandoned them.

MAIB urges better protection for Clipper Round the World racers

"The Clipper Round the World Race is an adventurous activity; operating with largely amateur and some novice crews, the yachts are often required to operate in some of the most hostile weather and sea conditions on earth," said Captain Steven Clinch, chief inspector of marine accidents for Britain's Marine Accident Investigation Branch.

Families of missing crab boat crew begin the resolution process

Commercial fishing is a big industry in Alaska, but it comes at a price. Even the most experienced crab fisher cannot prevent malfunctioning equipment or storms on the high seas that turn deadly. When vessels are not maintained properly, it can cause major problems for everyone on board.

Investigating fishing boat accidents: complex but crucial

Crab fishing is an important industry for workers and consumers here in Alaska and across the country. However, it is also extremely dangerous, as accidents have the potential to be deadly. Boats can capsize or sink and fishermen can get seriously injured or drown if a boat is unsafe or crashes.

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