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When big trucks crash

Being involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer is particularly dangerous in Alaska given the snow and ice so common on roads throughout the state during much of the year. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety notes that nationwide, about 10 percent of highway fatalities involve a truck crash. By far the greatest number of victims are the drivers and other occupants of smaller passenger vehicles. Of the 3,852 people who died in truck crashes in 2015, 69 percent were in passenger vehicles, 16 percent were in the trucks themselves and 15 percent were motorcyclists, bicyclists or pedestrians.

Drug use by truckers often overlooked

The demands of the trucking industry are numerous, with many of today’s drivers facing tough schedules, tight timelines and, in Alaska, frequently hazardous weather conditions. Regrettably, some truckers abuse drugs in an effort to stay awake, boost morale or shake boredom, among other reasons, and when it comes to their drivers’ drug use, some trucking companies do little more than look the other way. At the Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider, we recognize that tragedies often result when semi-truck drivers choose to drive under the influence, and we have helped many victims of commercial trucking accidents seek recourse.

Brake failure results in multi-car crash

Anchorage residents likely realize the importance that freight carriers play in helping to sustain commerce in the U.S. They also understand that the semi-trucks and tractor-trailers that these companies utilize are complex machines that require scores of additional maintenance beyond that which is required for traditional cars, trucks and SUVs. A failure of any of the component systems that contribute to the operation of these vehicles can result in accidents that cause extensive damage and catastrophic injuries. 

Cellphone rules for truck drivers

Truck drivers in Alaska may not always think about the rules which govern their cellphone usage behind the wheel. However, some of these rules can be far-reaching and it is important to understand the ways these devices can legally be used on the road.

Why should you keep your trucking log updated?

Alaskan truck drivers are all required by federal law to keep a logbook while they're actively on duty. Though this isn't heavily enforced, it would still be greatly beneficial to you to keep up good habits by updating your logbook daily anyway.

Trucks with heavy loads a road risk

There can be many dangers on the highways of Alaska, but one big concern is that some are trucks carrying loads over the legal weight limit. While many drivers do this because they are trying to help their companies deliver goods on time, heavier trucks are more dangerous to the other drivers on the road.

Driver shortage causes spike in elderly truck drivers

On highways in Alaska and across the country, motorists know that there are risks on the road. Yet with a shortage of drivers causing difficulties for the trucking industry, many drivers may not understand the new perils facing them each time they hit the highways.

Will taking the truckers out of trucking improve safety?

Commercial transportation is vital to today's economy. We not only depend on the goods transported across the state and country by commercial vehicles, we expect to receive them faster and faster. With all these demands, some parties resort to dangerous -- and sometimes unlawful -- practices to get the job done.

Truck cargo spills are no laughing matter for victims

When we read about truck cargo spills in the news, it is often in a slightly amusing context. This is because the cargo itself may present an opportunity for some jokes about motor vehicle safety. As this article on cargo spills illustrates, spilled beer can invite drinking and driving puns; ice cream spills lead to rocky road puns; a shipment of mackerel that spilled can be referred to as "a fishy situation."

Tanker trucks can pose serious threat to Alaska motorists

Alaskans are probably quite familiar with the sight of tanker trucks on the roads. These massive vehicles travel across the state carrying fuel and other types of liquefied cargo. In many cases, these trucks arrive safely at their destination, as do all the other motorists sharing the road.

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