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Case Results

$2,000,000 global settlement

Achieved jointly with other counsel in January 2017 as a result of high-speed motorcycle/motor-vehicle collision July 24, 2015, on the Glenn Highway close to Palmer, Alaska.

$1.9 million dollar damage verdict

Against a $0.00 pretrial settlement offer achieved as lead counsel March 8, 2017, in Kenai, Alaska. The case arose from a Feb. 22, 2012, very high-speed collision between an Alaska State Trooper vehicle operated by our client and responding to a domestic violence situation, and a pickup truck. The defendant turned in front of the AST vehicle though he had seen its emergency lights behind him.

$1,850,000 settlement

December 2017 regarding a head-on collision between a tour bus and SUV in late July 2015, at the entrance to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center at the head of Turnagain Arm. The crash resulted in the death of the SUV driver and injury to his wife and step-daughter, who were passengers in the vehicle he was driving.

$1,342,606 verdict

December 7, 2013, in Barrow Superior Court against a Native Village Corporation operator of a water taxi transporting workers to and from an artificial island built to support oil exploration. Our client slipped and fell while disembarking the vessel and suffered permanent injuries to his knee. The best pretrial offer was $375,000.

$1,150,000 wrongful death settlement

Elderly woman achieved October 2009 following a medivac helicopter crash into Prince William Sound on or about December 3, 2007.

$750,000 settlement in 2013

From a homeowner’s policy with limits of $300,000 for injuries to an infant who suffered a gunshot wound in December 2011 when a neighbor, negligently cleaning his gun, accidentally discharged it through an adjoining wall.

$636,757 settlement

$525,000 of which was from a Country auto liability policy with limits of $100,000, for a young man involved in a head-on collision in March 2015, with another vehicle on Rabbit Creek Road, in the south Anchorage area.

$447,195 judgment

Entered December 2003 following a 2-week jury trial in Palmer, Alaska, against Allstate’s best pre-trial offer of $100,000, for a young man who suffered severe injuries in May 2001 in a motor vehicle collision.

$389,681.46 arbitration award

In 2012, in an underinsured motorist case brought against Allstate Insurance Co. The award was approximately 29 times Allstate’s best pre-arbitration offer.

$355,000 verdict

Against a pretrial offer of $150,000 entered August 2010 in Anchorage Superior Court for a Slana, Alaska resident who lived an entire subsistence lifestyle and was injured as a passenger on a bus ride from Fairbanks to his home. Economic losses were awarded for loss of his subsistence lifestyle.

Amended final judgment of $229,322.04

Entered following Anchorage trial against an insurance agent who failed to bind proper coverage leaving a serious water damage loss uninsured. The best pretrial offer for this professional negligence claim was $2,500.

$112,500 (policy limit)

January 2016 settlement for negligent infliction of emotional distress (NIED) suffered by a mother who came upon her son’s March 2015 head-on collision with another vehicle on Rabbit Creek Road, in the south Anchorage area.

Arbitrations & Trials

$1,135,838: Auto Accident causing neck injuries with treatment complications.

$1,450,000: Slip-and-fall disembarking from a boat causing a knee injury.

$450,000: Auto accident causing a shoulder injury to an individual who lived a subsistence lifestyle.

$166,250: Insurance agent/broker negligence case.


$1,765.000: Medical negligence case resulting in paraplegia.

$1,150,000: Helicopter crash resulting in saltwater drowning.

$625,913: Auto accident causing a fractured foot.

$289,677: Auto accident involving a fractured ankle; additional settlement money being negotiated.

$774,095: Auto accident involving a minor with a hip fracture.

$750,000: Gunshot wound to an infant by a negligent homeowner.

$602,676: Death claim as a result of being run over by a motor vehicle.

$485,000: Negligent supervision of a minor resulting in frost-bitten feet.

$574,621: Negligent discharge of a firearm causing death.

$650,000: Rafting accident resulting in injuries and the death of an elderly woman.