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Attorney Representing Commercial Fishermen In Accident Claims

Commercial fishery work is strenuous and dangerous, whether you work offshore on a boat or floater or onshore in a cannery. Serious and fatal accidents occur with alarming regularity in the fishing and crabbing industries. Statistically, you are more likely to be killed on a crab fishery boat than on any other worksite. Accidents out in the Bering Sea result from captain error, equipment failure, crew negligence and inclement weather. But regardless of the cause, obtaining compensation in a commercial fishing accident claim is extremely difficult, requiring the services of an experienced lawyer.

The Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider represents workers at every level, in every job, who are injured due to the carelessness or negligence of another. With more than 45 years of legal experience, attorney Michael Schneider understands the stakes involved and how to win complicated maritime cases involving fishing boat accidents. He will walk you through the entire process and make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Our firm serves clients in Anchorage and throughout Alaska.

Types Of Injuries In Commercial Fishing Accident Claims

The list of different kinds of injuries is a long one, including:

If you have been injured in a commercial fishing or crabbing accident, you have the law on your side – the Jones Act. But you probably require the services of an experienced Jones Act lawyer, like Michael J. Schneider.

Protecting The Rights Of Injured Seamen And Fishermen

Our firm represents every kind of maritime worker, including longshoremen, shipyard workers, barge workers, dock workers, offshore oil rig workers, construction platform workers and tourist and cruise ship workers.

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If you are injured in fishery work, you should report the injury immediately to your employer. Then you should contact the Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider to discuss the strength of your case, and a strategy for obtaining the compensation you need. Call us at 907-290-7314 or email us a description of your injuries.