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Accidents Occurring On Construction Sites

Companies responsible for sound architecture, construction equipment that works the way it should and the building of aircraft have a duty to ensure the safety of a structure’s occupants, equipment users and airplane crew and passengers. People trust these products and devices with their lives. A defect or malfunction stemming from a structural design flaw can injure one or more persons or end a life.

If your loved one has been killed or seriously injured in a construction site accident or aviation accident because of a structural design flaw, a qualified Alaska personal injury attorney may be able to determine your accident’s cause. If negligence is proven, you may be eligible for compensation to cover all costs and losses. At the Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider, our attorney has more than 45 years of experience handling all types of personal injury claims. He has dedicated his efforts to achieving results for injured persons for more than 45 years.

Attorney Schneider carefully investigates your claim and confronts insurers for responsible parties with irrefutable facts. He negotiates with your best interests at heart and is always prepared to take your matter to trial if discussions are not productive.

Protecting Clients Against Harmful Products

When a manufacturer fails to perform adequate testing, rushes a product to the market and cuts corners such as safety standards to save development costs, potentially harmful defects can occur. These defects can cause equipment to break, architecture to be unsafe and airplanes and helicopters to crash, causing catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. You can make sure your rights are protected by contacting our law firm, Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider, to arrange your free consultation.

Structural Design Flaw Cases

Structural design flaws have the largest impact on the aviation industry in Alaska. The primary factor in maintaining the structural integrity of an airplane is metal fatigue. When an airplane is pressurized during flight, it stresses the metal in the wings and fuselage. Over time the metal can develop small cracks that eventually become large fractures.

Aircraft, for instance, are supposed to provide a set life span before metal fatigue sets in. A major defect such as this can cause premature metal fatigue, serious injuries and death.

From start to finish of your structural flaw design injury claim, our Anchorage law firm maintains open lines of communication with you: regular updates on its progress, prompt attention to any sudden questions and concerns you might have and realistic assessments of your chances for success.

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