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Injuries To Boaters In Alaska

Scores of sightseeing boats and ships sail up and down the Alaskan coast during good weather. These days you are as likely to see another boat full of people on your excursion as a killer whale. The crowded seas contribute to the high number of injuries that occur every year to tourist boat passengers.

Attorney Michael J. Schneider represents vacationers that are injured where negligence is a factor. In Anchorage and throughout Alaska, the Law Offices of Michael J. Schneider brings more than 45 years of legal experience handling all types of recreational accident claims. We will fight to get you the best compensation award possible.

Many Kinds Of Injuries At Sea

Passengers and tourists are injured in a number of ways including:

  • Slipping on the deck and falling
  • Losing balance due to the ship’s pitch, and colliding with another person or object
  • Food poisoning and food accidents
  • Falling overboard, drownings and near-drownings
  • Head trauma and brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries and crushed vertebrae
  • Amputations and severe lacerations
  • Onboard fires and burns
  • Any kind of wrongful death

Our firm has the experience and the skills to persuasively present your case for compensation. We understand the give and take of negotiating with insurance companies, and we have enjoyed significant success in obtaining maximum compensation.

Compensation For Vessel Passenger Injuries

In addition to representing passengers in civil suits, we represent injured crew members under maritime law, chiefly the Jones Act. We effectively seek compensation to pay for your medical costs and to offset the loss of pay during your period of recovery.

Your task is to recover. Our job is to investigate the root cause of the injury, compile evidence and take photographs to substantiate your claim. We will gather police reports and ship logs, statements to ensure successful financial recovery for you.

Resolving Tourist Boating Accident Questions

Have you or a family member had your vacation ruined and your life changed by someone’s carelessness? Careless vessel owners and operators should be held responsible for their conduct and for the condition of their vessels. The boat operator and owner owe you, as their guest or invitee, a duty to exercise reasonable care to ensure your safety. Failing to meet that duty may make them liable for the injuries you suffer.

Negligent boating all too frequently causes serious injuries and death. Speeding, failing to warn or keep a proper lookout, and other dangerous behavior all lead to injuries and sometimes death. Contact boating accident lawyer Michael J. Schneider to learn more about your legal options.

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